A Tripper’s Menu

Tripping on shrooms is not generally associated with a big appetite. As we recommend taking them on an empty stomach to make them more effective, eating while tripping may seem counterintuitive. Unlike our friends, the stoners (we’re looking at you, Harold and Kumar!), there is a delicacy to the food choices —if any— that a […]

Bring The Outdoors Indoors with Our Top 5 Psychedelic Nature Clips

Magic truffles and shrooms go hand in hand with exploring and appreciating nature. However, getting outside is not always possible, especially at the moment. In our recent guide How to Trip Alone on Shrooms, we recommended watching nature clips to soothe and improve your trip. To inspire you, we have put together a selection of […]

Top 10 Trippy Music Videos To Pass The Time

Still at home? Good. Well, whether you are just at home chilling, recuperating or using this time to go on a few psychic trips, we have some more excellent content for you to feast your socially-isolated eyeballs on. Tunes? Check. Trippy visuals? Check. Music videos are of course the perfect vehicle for the more imaginative […]

How to Trip Alone on Shrooms

Tripping alone on Shrooms If you’ve never done so, tripping on shrooms or magic truffles by yourself can sound scary at first. It’s a different experience than tripping with friends. There’s a lot more inward thinking and you’re basically in the driver’s seat alone. Perhaps it is one of the best trips you can have. […]

Evidence of Ancient Civilisations using Psychedelics

For as long as humans have been foraging for food, they have been coming into contact with natural psychedelics. For as long as they have been coming into contact with psychedelics, they have been exploring them. As long as they have been explored, they have affected our cultural and spiritual practises and beliefs. Using clues, […]

Suicide Prevention & Psychedelics

*Disclaimer: If you or a loved one are feeling severe symptoms of depression, having suicidal thoughts, or death anxiety, please reach out to friends, family, & mental health resources. This article is to contemplate how psychedelics can help alleviate symptoms of severe depression. The clinical science is still expanding <3 Psychedelics: an answer to depression […]

Top 5 Classic Psychedelic Films to Watch in Quarantine

So… you’ve been advised to stay indoors. Enforced time off seems like a dream in theory, but now it stretches out in front of you. How are you going to spend it? Well, your physical movement may be restricted for now, but that doesn’t mean your mind has to be.  To help you travel far […]

Why Do I Get Sick From Magic Truffles And Magic Mushrooms?

The Science Behind Why Shrooms Can Cause Nausea Nausea after consuming magic truffles is not uncommon. One of the reasons for this is the tough cell walls of the fungi, composed mainly of the chitin molecule. Believe it or not this molecule also makes up the exoskeleton of some insects and crustaceans!  It is no […]

New Study Confirms Link Between Psychedelics and Feelings of Closeness to Nature

It may come as no surprise to fans of magic truffles— but a new study conducted at Imperial College London, has confirmed a link between using psychedelics and feelings of closeness to nature.  The Spring (or vernal) Equinox is just around the corner, where the days will get longer and the flowers will start to […]

Magic Truffles Effects & Tolerance

not feeling the effects of shrooms

Why aren’t my Shrooms working? There are various reasons why you are not feeling the effects of magic truffles/ shrooms. The main reason may be your tolerance to psychedelics. Before we start to explain how tolerance affects your psilocybin trips, make sure that you consume your magic truffles on an empty stomach. A question of […]

Microdosing Mushrooms for PMT

Microdosing Mushrooms for PMT

The Problems Faced By Women Suffering From PMT Premenstrual Tension (PMT) is a condition suffered by many women in the run up to their period. Its symptoms can include anxiety, depression, exhaustion, stomach cramps and headaches, among other unappealing afflictions. This time of the month is often approached with a feeling of creeping dread. Will […]