Magic Mushroom Grow Kits: Difference Between OHM and MAX

Our web shop offers many different grow kits which vary in size and type. You may have read a guide to our smaller grow kits, the X kit and the GO kit, but what about our bigger guys, the OHM and the MAX?  Well, never fear, because here is a comprehensive guide to the two […]

The Shroom Hunter’s Guide

Of all of the different psychedelic substances, magic mushrooms are one of the most popular. We don’t have to tell you that. Of course, LSD and 2CB etc. all offer an excellent trip, however, it is the fact that magic mushrooms are natural that sets them apart. These entheogens that sprout from the ground have […]

Psychedelic Spotlight: Lava Lamps

The influence of psychedelia during the 1960s is impossible to overstate. It irrevocably affected everything from societal attitudes, to music and fashion, to government legislation. What is most fascinating about this time period (usually stated to be between 1965-1969) is that the wind of change was, perhaps for the first time in history, triggered in […]

How to Make Iced Magic Mushroom Tea

Time to pop open a cold one with your friends! Summer travel is very limited due to this apocalyptic year of 2020. So we at Wholecelium want to give you a staycation remedy with our psychedelic sweet tea recipe. Treat you and your friends this summer with our trippy Iced Magic Shroom Tea!  What is […]

Biography: Professor David Nutt

You may have noticed Professor David Nutt name checked and/or quoted in many of our blogs. He is a mainstay in articles about the revitalised field of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. But who is this famously outspoken Professor? And how has his work been integral to the progress of psychedelic research? Here is all you need […]

Canada Allows Psilocybin For End-of-Life Care

Four terminally ill Canadians have been granted the use of psilocybin for their end-of-life care. In a landmark ruling, theirs will become the first legal use of the magic mushroom compound in Canada since 1974.  A Long Fought Battle Despite the successful outcome, it was indeed a long fought battle. It would be over 100 […]

Top 5 Women in Psychedelics Now

Welcome to Part 2 of our exploration into women in psychedelics! In Part 1 we covered the underrepresentation of women in the past. However, the current psychedelic renaissance boasts a cast of inspirational and trailblazing women. As well as furthering knowledge in the field, many of these women are also working to make psychedelics more […]

Psychedelics For Self Improvement

Psychedelics — from MDMA, to LSD, to psilocybin continue to dominate the headlines. A new wonder therapy for a whole host of mental health conditions. They are touted as the key to treating everything from PTSD, to depression, to OCD. This means the future is looking bright for sufferers of these conditions, who had given […]

Top 5 Women of Psychedelic History

It is no secret that women have been underrepresented in the medical and scientific fields throughout history. In terms of psychedelic research, this is also the case. However, in this new wave of psychedelic research, or the ‘Psychedelic Renaissance’, women have made their presence known. To celebrate this, and ever increasing diversity, we have researched […]