10 Psychedelic Vintage Halloween Postcards

10 Psychedelic Vintage Halloween Postcards Halloween! It’s within tickling distance. And as we all know, it’s going to be different this year, much like, well, everything. As we explored in our History of Halloween blog, the holiday possesses a rich history. It spawned from ancient Celtic ritual, and eventually installed itself in North America, where […]

Anti-Inflammatory Compound Found in Psychedelics

Anti-Inflammatory Compound Found In Psychedelics While it may not have occurred to the casual user, for a while now, scientists have been studying the potential anti-inflammatory qualities of psychedelic drugs. Now, their research has made it clear— psychedelics can help fight inflammation in the body.  Powerful psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin (from magic mushrooms), DMT […]

The Druids: Ancient Psychonauts

The Druids: Ancient Psychonauts You may be familiar with druids— mysterious wizardy people from ancient times, of stone circles and big beards. One of our most potent and well-loved magic truffles is even named after them! If you’re into your Pink Floyd or Tolkien tales you may have already done some digging for druid details… […]

The Psilocybin Strips Changing Medicine

The Psilocybin Strips Changing Medicine The promise of psychedelics glows brighter with every research breakthrough. Take for instance MDMA therapy for patients with PTSD, or microdosing psilocybin to combat depression and anxiety. And remember when Canada allowed psilocybin use for end-of-life care?  There’s also the flurry of huge, well-respected universities launching their own hubs for […]

Psilocybin And Weight Loss: An Update

Psilocybin And Weight Loss: An Update For a lot of people, shedding those pounds gained from a lockdown lifestyle can be difficult. Most office folks are now working from home, so satisfying sugar cravings is just one fridge away. And at a time like this, who can be blamed for comfort eating? But, the global […]

It’s High Time For The History of Halloween

It’s High Time For The History of Halloween Halloween is fast approaching, and for the first time ever the holiday seems a bit unnecessary. I don’t need ghouls and goblins thanks— 2020 has got the horror dialled! In a year that has made us want to cover our eyes, do we need to seek out […]

New Association Will Teach Doctors About Psychedelics

New Association Will Teach Doctors About Psychedelics Psychedelic drugs such as psilocybin are on the fast track to FDA approval . Ketamine is now cleared for medical use. Can this be real? Or are we just tripping collectively? For sure, recent headlines charting the progress of the psychedelic revolution are promising, but obstructions to wider […]

Top 5 Secretly Trippy Kid’s Cartoons

Top 5 Secretly Trippy Kid’s Cartoons Childhood! You believed in magic, ate dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and went to bed at 7:30! You loved your teacher, climbed trees and picked your nose! But what did your enquiring little mind enjoy most of all? Why, switching the tv on on a Saturday morning and tuning into […]

How Ibogaine Changes Lives

How Ibogaine Changes Lives The boundless potential of psychedelics, in the realm of healthcare and healing, has seldom been out of the news recently. With every new development we see names once associated with counter culture, illegality and danger, stepping into a new light. LSD, magic mushrooms, DMT, MDMA— all the things your mamma warned […]

DMT For Treatment-Resistant Depression

DMT For Treatment-Resistant Depression Did you know that for many people who suffer from depression around the world, a substantial portion of them do not respond to any treatment? It’s an issue that has dogged mental health treatment for a long time without promising alternatives. This is a serious, and chronic, roadblock towards fixing the […]

Decriminalize Nature: The Organisation Changing The US

As you may have read in our previous articles (or whichever psychedelic news sources you peruse!) various cities across the US have recently been successful in decriminalising psychedelic plants. However, these steps have not been achieved in a vacuum. Across the United States there exists a dedicated network that you need to know about. Decriminalize […]

Psychedelics In The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic. Famed for beer, ancient castles, bone ossuaries, and being from whence Kafka and his nightmarish tales came. Not, on the surface, such a colourful place. However, this impressively sombre resume belies a past, present and future rife with psychedelic research. In fact, the Czech Republic holds a reputation for being one of […]