Scientists Test Virtual Psychedelics On A.I.

Ever wonder why psychedelics like magic truffles, DMT, and LSD affect the brain the way that they do? Why we see the sights, feel the feels, and blast off into our own personal utopia? It’s taken as given, that simply by chowing down on some shrooms, we can explore places we’ve never dreamed of before. […]

Somerville Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms

We’re on a roll!  The city of Somerville, Massachusetts has voted YES to decriminalize the use of entheogens (or natural psychedelics). Their unanimous 9-0 vote on the 14th of January makes Somerville the latest U.S. community to flip the script on psychedelics. You may remember that Washtenaw, Oregon, and Ann Arbor have done the exact […]

Study Claims DMT Can Create New Brain Cells

Have you ever seen the 2011 movie “Limitless”?  It stars Bradley Cooper as a middle-aged, overweight guy struggling with writer’s block and a wretched career. He decides to take a pill called NZT-48. This triggers a series of creative rewards: a best-selling novel, a rockin’ bod, and a new skill for picking up the ladies.  […]

Would You Attend ‘Shaman School’?

All over the United States, so-called shaman schools are popping up like a flush of Psilocybe cubensis from an ‘OHM’ Grow Kit. Try pointing your finger to any spot on a map of the West Coast. You’ll likely find a school that’ll teach you how to get certified as a psychedelic shaman. Sounds like a […]

UFC To Research Psilocybin For Fighters

In breaking psychedelic news, the massively popular UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is looking into psilocybin’s (the psychedelic compound extracted from magic mushrooms) potential to improve fighters’ brain health.  UFC president Dana White told MMA Junkie on Wednesday about plans to jump into the psychedelic foray: “We’re now interested (about) this thing just came out on […]

Washtenaw Decriminalises Magic Mushrooms

Following the sucessful decriminalisation of entheogenic plants in Ann Arbor City (such as psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca) on September 21 last year — the greater area of Washtenaw County, Michigan has decided to do the same on January 12, 2021.  Newly appointed prosecutor Eli Savit gave shared the two new policies via Twitter. He said […]

More Canadians Granted Psilocybin For End-of-Life Care

Health Canada has allowed the use of psilocybin-based therapy for a man in Alberta with terminal cancer. This news comes after a landmark ruling in 2020 that legalized psilocybin for end-of-life care. A first, since magic mushrooms (and thus its active ingredient, psilocybin) were banned in Canada in 1974. First in Alberta for Psilocybin Treatment […]

Kambo- Frog Poison As Medicine?

Big tech loves its weird science.  Remember when some Silicon Valley billionaires got injected with a young person’s plasma for $8,000 per liter of blood?. They claimed that “young blood” restores the organs and stops the aging process. The FDA soon told them to knock it off, though, for obvious health, safety and moral reasons.  […]

What is Salvia (Salvinorin A)?

Psychedelics have always been associated with ancient cultures.  Sages took psychedelics in a ritual setting, to see visions of truth in smoke and fire. Native Mexicans brewed peyote and San Pedro cactus, and the Amazonian tribes drank ayahuasca.  Today, psychedelics are enjoyed by a wide range of society — from microdosing mothers, to folks tripping […]

Can Psychedelics Treat Mental Illness For Good?

For most ordinary folks, the word “psychedelics” means getting high, and breaking the law. Doesn’t really matter if it’s MDMA, ketamine, or psilocybin. If the government says it’s illegal, then it must be bad for you…right?  It’s no surprise that people have these associations. Stereotypes persist due to strict laws and frightening anti-drug propaganda. These […]

Ancient Cultures Using Psychedelics: Fact or Fantasy?

When we go on a psychedelic journey, we take with us a couple of things. Our innermost thoughts, our deepest desires, and a sense of adventure. We also become part of the lineage of those who have experienced the magic of other worlds before us. A large portion of psychedelic culture, apart from the journey […]

How Long Does It Take For Shrooms To Kick In?

Question: How long does it take for magic mushrooms to kick in?  Answer: It depends on a couple of factors….  This question is, in actuality, a difficult one to answer. With recommended shroom doses varying from a mildy trippy 1g, to an all-out-space-mission of 5g (This is dried shrooms we’re talking here), the question of […]