Mushrooms: The Next Plastic?

Ever thought about how often you use plastic? Most of us prefer to think of ourselves as “environment-friendly”, but there’s a lot of things that can slip through our ‘eco’-net without us realising.  A lot of products we use daily are made out of plastic, such as Starbucks coffee cups, straws, and boxes for Chinese […]

How To Combat Post-Lockdown Anxiety

We’ve been in this lockdown hokey-cokey for a while now. In, out, in, out — less of the shaking it all about — for an entire year, give or take. That it’s been tough is an understatement. For many people, their lives have changed irrevocably. They may have changed careers, discovered new paths, even taken […]

Predicting Who Benefits (or Not) in Psychedelic Therapy

Howdy, psychonauts!  Here at Wholecelium, we make it our mission to keep you abreast of the growing evidence that psychedelics, such as magic mushrooms and truffles, can treat a host of serious conditions. Only this year we’ve covered DMT as stroke treatment, LSD as a cure for shyness, and psilocybin — the active compound in […]

MAPS Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary

If you are a regular reader of our articles you will surely have noticed us often (reverently) name-checking MAPS. No, new readers! This is not a geography blog! MAPS stands for Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Study. And, anyone who is invested, or even just interested, in the progress of psychedelic medicine has a lot to […]

How To Have A Psychedelic Easter

Easter is a strange holiday. Not having a fixed date, it always seems to take one by surprise — ‘some time around April I think…’  being the general guess. In this day and age, we are less governed by either the Christian Church or the movement of the moon, like the ancient Pagans were; thus […]

Ants Dosed With Psilocybin Build Shroom-Shaped Nest

So, you’ve probably guessed, mushrooms are the centre of our universe. We love ‘em! We’d live in one if it were possible! And, it turns out there’s a certain little creature that agrees with us. Yes, it’s one of the tiniest of Mother Earth’s beasties — the humble ant.  There’s a couple of things ants […]