Psychedelic Icons: Stanislav Grof

Dr. Stanislav Grof is a living psychedelic legend. The Czech psychotherapist, born in 1931, has been witness to the rise, fall, and rise again of psychedelic research. And he has not just been a witness. He has been a key player and visionary in our very understanding of psychedelic research and its potential today. When […]

Why Magic Mushrooms Want To Grow In Your Garden

Nature is a curious thing. And, sometimes, fungi seem like they could be the most curious of all  Earth’s children. A web of contradictions — and we’re not talking about mycelium here — they really are full of surprises. They can be a delicious meal, or a deadly poison. They feed off death and decay, […]

Cancer Specialist Says Psilocybin is Key to Processing Trauma

The mental health crisis continues to grow.   The demands of the pandemic have only made it worse. Grief and trauma, though always present in life to a degree, has become uncharacteristically familiar for many in the past couple of years. Due to COVID-19’s rise, the number of people who feel severely overwhelmed has only […]

Why Should You Microdose for Sleep?

Mental Health and Sleep are Closely Connected Sleep and mental health are closely connected. In fact they are snuggled up tight — spooning even. Lack of sleep can significantly affect your psychological state, and thus, your mental health. And, unfortunately, those with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD or bipolar disorder are far […]

Study Shows Psilocybin More Effective than Big Pharma Antidepressant

Mental Health Awareness Month Sunny May marks Mental Health Awareness Month. Observed in the US since 1949, the goal is to fight stigma and raise awareness both of the mental health conditions themselves, and the help that is available. Every year more barriers are broken by normalising and publicising conversations about mental health. This is […]

A Psychedelic Ritual To Celebrate Mother Earth This Mother’s Day

Really, Mother’s Day should be everyday. Those who bring us into the world, and care for us unconditionally, deserve more than just ONE day. The only catch would be, we’d soon be broke from buying bunches, upon bouquets, upon bunches of roses!  Of course, for some Mother’s Day isn’t quite so joyous. For those who […]

People Are Claiming Shrooms Cured Their COVID-Related Smell Loss

The legacy of COVID-19 is vast and ever expanding. Many people have lost loved ones, are experiencing the effects of long COVID, or simply coming to terms with the fact the whole world has changed. Some people are dealing with one of the more bizarre side-effects of the pandemic — a loss of taste and/or […]

Which Microdosing Method Is For You?

Microdosing. By now most people have an inkling what it is.  ‘Yes!’ We hear you cry— ‘It’s taking a sub-perceptual dose of a psychedelic — and reaping the benefits of higher concentration, creativity and productivity!’   Correct, psychedelic student! It is also a method many use to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety and addiction. So […]