How to Make Chocolate Mushrooms

The ChocoTrips Recipe is Chocolate with Fresh Magic Truffles

Wholecelium brings you: ChocoTrips! A nutty, fudgey, wholesome goodness made with fresh magic truffles. It’ll have you enter a psychedelic journey with a chocolate smile 🙂 

ChocoTrips are for the festival goers, the psychedelic chefs in the kitchen, and the ones who love magic truffles but didn’t grow into the taste yet.

Here’s how you can make your own chocolate treats!  

ChocoTrips Recipe Video

Prep: 30 minutes

Completed: up to 2 Hours

Chef Level: Easy


1) Gather The Ingredients:

* 3 (120 grams) Chocolate Bars of your choice & crumbled apart in a GLASS or METAL bowl  

* 1500mL of boiled water

*Fresh Magic Truffles chopped
(in this How-To, we added 30 Grams of Magic Truffles of Maakali, but you can add as much as you desire) 

*OPTIONAL: For interesting flavors: Crushed nuts, Grated lemon zest, or even Minced herbal zest, like mint.
(in this How-To, we added crushed peanuts) 

Preparing Chocolate Mixture

2) Heat your water to a boil on a medium high flame

3) Melt your chocolate, by placing your GLASS/METAL bowl of crumbled Chocolate Bars on top of the boiled water. Lower Flame to a very low simmer. 

4) Stir the chocolate constantly until chocolate is a smooth mixture

5) Add your optional flavors. We added crushed peanuts and Stir

6) Turn off Flame completely and let chocolate cool for few minutes* Add your chopped, Fresh Magic Truffles and stir well  

Freezing Chocolate Mixture with Fresh Magic Truffles

7) Fill an ice tray or molds with the Fresh Magic Truffles chocolate mixture 

8) Place the ice tray into a freezer for 60 minutes to up to 2 hours. 

9) Remove and consume immediately** 


*You must let the chocolate cool down before adding your fresh magic truffles. If it’s too hot, it will break down the active compounds that makes you trip.

**Make sure to consume immediately, since it is made with fresh magic truffles. You can store the leftovers in their molds for up to -/+ 3 days in the freezer.

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