How To Make Magic Mushroom Milk

There are many bits of advice or ‘folklore’, that go with taking psychedelics. Maybe it’s because it is a practice that has been pushed underground for many years — so there is less ‘common’ or ‘official’ knowledge about their recreational consumption. Maybe it’s also because — with psychedelics — everyone trips differently, so people actively search for rules-of-thumb to try and understand, or make a bit more sense out of their experience.

One of these, for example, is drinking orange juice. Depending on your source, a glass of OJ could either enhance your trip, or put a sudden stop to a bad one. Hmm… something can’t be right here.

The Mushroom and Milk Mythology

Another bit of ‘folklore’, is that milk or dairy products can end a trip, or even prevent it from happening in the first place. So, we were a little confused to see, in our shiny new copy of ‘The Psilocybin Chef Cookbook’ by Virginia Haze and Dr. K. Mandrake, PhD, a recipe for ‘Basic Warm Milk Extract’. Surely these fellow psilocybin devotees would not suggest anything that might lessen the effects of our dear magic mushrooms? 

Well, we were intrigued, and decided to do some of our own research on the milk and psilocybin mythology.

Spoiler alert — turns out it’s kinda just that — a myth.

The popular idea that lactose somehow inhibits the effects of psychedelics is, we’re glad to announce, total hogwash, phooey, codswallop — that is to say — wrong, wrong, wrong. There is no scientific evidence to support this. In fact, many capsules that contain psychoactive substances actually include lactose as part of their ingredients — and it would be rather counterintuitive if they encased a drug in something that stopped it working!

The only potential reason we could find is that if you consume a full-fat milk with your shrooms it could line your stomach, slowing absorption. (This is why it is always recommended to take shrooms on an empty stomach.) However, this is unlikely to affect your trip because it is so slight a difference — unless of course you’re drinking gallons of milk — we’re talking a normal-size glass here folks. 

An Alternative Way To Consume The Shroom

However, if you want to bypass this tiny possibility / you can’t wait a second longer for your trip to begin, there are some easy-peasy alternatives. Because, if you ask us, the earthy hint of flavour that magic truffles or shrooms provide, perfectly complements a warming, creamy beverage. For some people, just munching down on truffles or shrooms is not an option. They don’t like the flavour, texture, or simply the idea of eating them straight. Due to this, many people make tea with their shrooms or truffles, which is one of our favourite methods too. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have another method, that not only is just as tasty, but dare we say it…perhaps more versatile

How To Make Magic Mushroom Milk

So, we’ve decided to have a go at the ‘Basic Warm Milk Extract’ based on the recipe by Virginia Haze and Dr. K. Mandrake PhD — but with a special Wholecelium twist. We used our fantastically trippy magic truffles, and, brace yourselves guys, this is the cosiest way to get high!

You Will Need:

(This is to make 500ml of Magic Truffle Milk)

Milk, or milk alternative: 500ml, Magic Truffles (we used Druid): 10g, measuring cup, pan, spoon, sharp knife, chopping board, cloth to strain mixture— e.g cheesecloth, muslin or tea towel, mug.

Step 1: Pick Your Milk!

Now, as we explained in our myth-busting section above the effect that lactose has on psilocybin is non-existent. So feel free to go for cows milk if you fancy. If you are worried about the miniscule effects a higher fat content might have on trip onset speed, you could go for skim or 1% milk.

Another option is plant-based milks. Nowadays, we’re totally spoilt for choice —the market is flooded with people squeezing nuts and grains and calling it milk. You could go extra low-fat with almond milk, tropical with coconut milk, hearty with oat, or extra creamy with soy. (That’s not even to mention cashew, rice, hemp, etc etc!)

We experimented with coconut and soy milk, and found both to be delicious!

Step 2: Chop Your Truffles

With a sharp knife chop your magic truffles until they reach a fine, almost powdery consistency. The smaller the pieces, the better they will infuse with your milk.

Step 3: Heat Your Milk

Pour 500ml of your milk into a pan. Place the pan on your stove-top at a low heat. Heat until it is hot, but not boiling, stirring regularly so it doesn’t burn. Turn off the heat.

Step 4: Truffle Time!

Add the finely chopped 10g of magic truffles to your hot milk and leave to infuse for 15-25 minutes. 

Step 5: Straining Your Resources 

Place your cheesecloth/muslin/teatowel on top of your measuring cup/mug/other receptacle and push it in to create a dip. Gently pour the truffle-milk mixture into this little well, making sure you scrape every bit from the pan. Gently take the cloth bundle and squeeeeze the remaining liquid into your cup — the harder you squeeze the more magic will get through! 

Step 6: Drink! 

You now have a cup of warm psychedelic infused milk… sounds dreamy eh? Feel free to sip it down and await your trip! However, if you want to go further…

Step 7: Get Creative

Now you have your psychedelic milk you can get creative. It can be a drink on its own, but it can also be an ingredient. As long as you don’t heat it too high (so no boiling or baking!), and use it within 24 hours, the possibilities are endless! Here’s some bright ideas to get you started:

  • Add to your coffee or tea (mushroom coffee is THE hot new thing — be ahead of the hipsters with your psychedelic home-made version!)
  • Add to a fruity smoothie for a trippy vitamin hit. 
  • Use it for your Saturday morning cereal for a wild weekend.
  • Hot chocolate! Chocolate and shrooms are a well-known dream team. Add marshmallows for a sugar high to match your high-high!
  • Cocktails — if you used coconut milk, what could be nicer than a psychedelic piña colada? Go easy though, and be cautious when mixing shrooms and booze — make it weak, or make it a mocktail for starters. 
  • Dunk your cookies!
  • You could even add it to soups or stews as long as you don’t let it boil — wait until you’ve turned off the heat.
  • We really think a simple sprinkle of cinnamon or chai powder and a squirt of honey is a stone-cold classic too! 

Really, once you’ve got your psychedelic milk extraction down, the only limit is your imagination! 

So, did you try this recipe? How did it go? Share your thoughts and recipe ideas in the comments below!

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