Magic Mushroom and Truffle Dosage Chart

A magic mushroom or truffle trip can be a life-changing experience. It can free you from the shackles of the mundane, open your mind and change how you think in ways you could never have dreamed. Many people count a psychedelic trip as one of the defining moments of their lives. However, although psilocybin can be the express portal to enlightenment, there is a little bit of preparation you have to do before you jump right in…

Let’s Discuss Dosage

We’re talking, of course, about dosage. That is, working out what is the right amount to take, based on both the form of psilocybin you’re consuming, and the strength of the trip you want to experience. This is integral — for many it’s the difference between a good trip, and a difficult one. Especially for first timers, biting off more than you can chew with an overly ambitious dose could put you off exploring shrooms further. And that would be such a shame! 

Identify Your Intentions

Firstly, it’s important to think about what your intentions are for your trip. If it’s your first time, you might just want to dip a toe into the psychedelic waters, keep your training wheels on, shall we say? Then it’s a low dose for you! Maybe you wanna get pretty wavy but still be able to do some stuff — i.e. explore some nature or hang out with friends? Then maybe a medium dose fits! Perhaps you are an experienced psychonaut, and you want to hit those heights fabled by McKenna et al — a bit of ego-death, a touch of enlightenment — you know the drill. Well then, a higher dose would be just the ticket! 

Weighing Up Your Options

One of the great things about our magic truffles is that they come packaged pre-weighed and labelled so you know exactly what you’ve got. But! What if you wanna take a lower dose? Get multiple packs and share them with friends? Or, maybe you’ve had an impressive harvest from your grow kit and want to test your own produce? In that case, whether fresh or dried you’re gonna need a weighing scale!

A Little Bit Of Maths

So once you have your weighing scale, you’re almost there. You may be more experienced with one form of shroom than another — perhaps you’ve only had dried mushrooms before and are ready to try out magic truffles? If so, maybe you remember the amount of dried shrooms you had, and want to replicate that high? In that case you’re going to need to be able to convert your measurements from one psilocybin ‘medium’ to another.

A rough rule of thumb (using fresh magic truffles as a base line) is to divide by 5 for dried shrooms, and times by two for fresh shrooms. So for example a ‘standard’ dose of 10g of fresh magic truffles would become 2g of dried shrooms, and 20g of fresh shrooms. But, we’re not here to make you do a maths exercise… and especially not to risk a miscalculation (no shade on your maths skills — it happens!) So, in the interest of efficiency, and making sure everyone has a good time, we’ve made a handy magic mushroom and truffle dosage chart to find the right one for you!

A Note On Trip Types:

Microdose: a sub-perceptual dose but with detectable results. You won’t trip or even be ‘high’ but your senses are sharper and you buzz with creativity and energy. 

Low Dose: a good dose for beginners. Some liken it to be stoned on THC. Colours sparkle, shapes soften and you’ll feel gentle waves of euphoria lapping at you. You might get a bit deep and philosophical, a good ‘social’ high. 

Medium Dose: standard for an experienced shroomer, maybe an intense one for a beginner. Fractal patterns will appear when you close your eyes, perhaps mild hallucinations, losing track of time. The magic begins…

High Dose: you may slip out of time and reality. Intense hallucination and undulating shapes, your environment may interact with you. Mild synesthesia, perhaps even an out of body experience. You are tripping hard. 

‘Heroic Dose’: now we don’t recommend this unless you’re basically a shaman, but you may have heard whispers of the ‘Heroic Dose’ out on the psychedelic playground. Advocated by Terence McKenna, it can induce ego-death and life-changing revelation. You won’t know where you are, who you are, or where the universe ends and you begin. Far out, man…

Magic Mushroom and Truffle Dosage Chart


*Our advice is based on one of our most popular strains Psilocybe mexicana, a relatively mild and reliable psychedelic (that still packs a punch!). If you are using a stronger truffle like our Qubit — adjust accordingly.

*These measurements are based on an ‘average’ human weight of 70kg, so slight adjustments should be made with this in mind. (What’s average anyway?!)

*The frequency that you take psychedelics will affect your tolerance. If you’re a regular tripper you may need more as your tolerance will be higher. Be careful though. 

Whatever dosage you choose, always ensure you are in a good state of mind, and are prepared for your journey. With our handy table you’re already halfway there! 

Be safe, and happy tripping!

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