10 Psychedelic Vintage Halloween Postcards

10 Psychedelic Vintage Halloween Postcards

Halloween! It’s within tickling distance. And as we all know, it’s going to be different this year, much like, well, everything. As we explored in our History of Halloween blog, the holiday possesses a rich history. It spawned from ancient Celtic ritual, and eventually installed itself in North America, where it became the commercial behemoth it is today.

However, before we were sending each other creepy gifs or selfies dressed as a sexy cat/witch/mouse/pumpkin (delete as applicable), in the early 20th century, there was a craze for sending Halloween postcards. With the nights getting longer and the chill setting in, these folks from way-back-when felt Halloween was the perfect time to reconnect with their loved ones with a spooky postcard.

Ok, so pretty standard oldy-worldy stuff… But, don’t let that fool you. Turns out, the designs of these postcards were pretty crazy. Psychedelic even… you’d think that Jack ‘O’ Lanterns had psychoactive properties from the look of these kooky doodles. Though, if we remember that Halloween is distantly based on a Celtic festival that almost certainly involved magic mushrooms, perhaps these cards were just staying true to the holiday’s roots.

All this to say, if you can’t make it out this year— for trick-or-treating, dressing up, or just general Halloween mischief— maybe we can cheer you up with a dose of spooky, psychedelic nonsense. So, we’ve compiled the best 10 psychedelic vintage Halloween postcards just for you!

1. Don’t Laugh…

Firstly, we’ve gone for a word of warning. As you can see here, this poor man has been transformed into a pipe-smoking pumpkin for laughing at a witch. We don’t know why her laughed at her, maybe she tripped over her colourful witch outfit? Maybe he’d been nibbling on those mushrooms behind her, and wasn’t laughing at her at all? All we can be sure of is, like, don’t laugh at witches, man.

2. Faces In Mirrors

Fun Fact: Before the scary movie trope we all know, of the ghostly face appearing behind you in a mirror, early 20th century young women used to actually want to see one there. Crazy huh? The superstition went, that if you looked into a mirror at midnight on Halloween, you would see your future husband. Now to some that may still sound spooky… Regardless, this whimsical superstition again has roots in ancient Celtic practice. This time of year was when the druids would take a mushroom trip, and make some predictions for the year to come. That could have also included future husbands— who knows?

3. How’d You Like Them Apples?

Slightly too late trigger warning… CLOWN! How would you react if you came downstairs for a spot of apple-bobbing and this guy was already getting in on the action? He doesn’t seem worried his face-paint is going to run, but he has removed his hat for the privilege. Go figure…

4. Fasten Your Seat Belts!

You know when your tripping and everything seems to be alive…well… never mind. If your car, or your friends, look like this, its safe to say you are NOT driving this Halloween. Also, pickles need reminding to wear their seat belts, clearly.

5. Cake Invasion

Now, this gives whole new meaning to pumpkin pie! (Disclaimer: I know its a cake…) Now, the cake looks delicious, and these lively gourds sure look jolly, but I don’t like the glint in their eyes. If you let these guys be your spirit guide for a night who knows where you might end up? I mean, probably just the bakery section of the supermarket, but still.

6. Unlucky…

The old superstition goes that its bad luck for a black cat to cross your path. Well, I don’t know what it means when SIX come parading by in their finest Halloween outfits. Better hope this kid got some sardines for the trick-or-treaters— just in case.

7. When You’re All On Different Levels

You know when the gang are all tripping on different levels… Staring into the fire, just thinking about life, the universe, and candy. Stuff like that. May you never be the sad ghost on Halloween.

8. Forget Machine Elves…

Forget machine elves, we bet Terence McKenna didn’t reckon on a bunch of tiny devils. Or is it a giant pumpkin? No witnesses remain. Regardless of scale, these lil demons seem to be stoking the fires of this pumpkin’s mind pretty successfully. Is this what ego-death looks like? (Metaphorically of course…)

9. Did You Send The Invites Out?

Worst. Party. Ever.

10. The Morning After

You may not be able to see the title of the book these pumpkin-heads are poring over but it says: ‘HEAVEN— AND HOW TO GET THERE’. Now, perhaps these poor pumpkins have plopped down in purgatory. Maybe they’re at Sunday school? Whats for sure, is that there are similar sights to behold the morning after a rave. Pumpkin-heads? Hungover, more like.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 10 psychedelic vintage postcards! Why not send one to friend or family member you haven’t seen since lockdown, to celebrate the season? (and freak ’em out!)

And, why not check out our spooky deal on truffles for a magical Halloween? You’ll be seeing pumpkin-heads in no time!

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