5 New Year’s Resolutions To Ease You Into 2021

For many people 2020 may be a year they’d rather forget. The world really did seem to be in freefall. The pandemic and its resulting lockdowns, the three-ring circus that was politics — uncertainty plagued us at every turn, and as a result, most people are desperate to hurl themselves forward into 2021 without a backwards glance. 

Small Changes

However, once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, despite the date having changed, many of the difficulties of 2020 will remain. Additionally, for the majority, it will be rung in without the friends and family that usually surround us for the countdown. With all this to consider, the thought of a New Year’s resolution seems rather like the straw that will break the camel’s back. Many of us are simply hoping to get on with our lives as best we can, maybe see our parents for the first time in a year, go to the cinema — anything! But, new year’s resolutions don’t have to be tyrannical new regimes, not any year, and especially not this year. This year rather than crash diets, punishing exercise plans or reading the entire works of Tolstoy, the changes you make can be small — little things to stay sane. 

Here at Wholecelium we’ve been pondering those little things, and we wanted to share them with you! From self-care to psychedelics, we’ve covered 5 New Years resolutions to ease you into 2021!

1. Keep In Contact

This year, screen-based socialising progressed from merely an option, to an all-out-necessity. Whether it was work, meeting your cousin’s new baby, or hanging out with your drinking buddies it was all done on Zoom, Houseparty or similar. Although of course, for many people it is a pale second to real contact, studies show that it can still be beneficial in fostering feelings of community. This new year, keep at it! We likely shan’t be back to ‘normal’ (whatever that may be) for a while yet.  Maybe you had a big video chat with your family over Christmas, and, if it wasn’t too chaotic, why not schedule one more often? Catch up with some really old school friends. Theme your Zooms — why not only your aunts?! How about just your pals from the chess club? 

However you do it, keep your friends and family as (virtually) close as you can. Maybe you can even begin to make tentative plans to see each other in the new year…  

2. Self Care

Plenty of new year’s resolutions are about self-improvement. This year, make it all about self-care. It’s been a monster of a year — and you got through it! Be kind to your body — eat tasty as well as healthy food, start a new skincare regime, practice mindfulness and meditation. To be kind to yourself, is to be healthy. Perhaps it’s time to realise the Hollywood movie dream of a candlelit bath? Scented oils? Rose petals? However you do it, treat yourself like you would your best friend. Once a week (or whenever you like) take some ‘me’ time. For some people the pandemic has been time to get to know themselves again — one of the few good things to come out of this difficult year. Even when things start getting back to normal, this new found time for oneself is something that should stay for the long run. In a time when we couldn’t do much of anything, we learnt perhaps not as much needed to be done. In 2021, keep some time for yourself. 

3. Fresh Air

Baby, it’s cold outside — but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to get out there. For both your physical and mental health, getting some fresh air is second to none. Whether you’re a town or a country mouse, getting out of the house is a good habit to maintain, especially if you are one of the many working from home. We’ve already passed the winter solstice, so as the days get ever longer and brighter there’s all the more time for a stroll. This year, it’s sometimes been hard to manage getting off the couch — let alone feel the crisp air outside — and that’s ok. But, if you can get yourself out there, even just for 10 minutes, you’ll feel all the better for it.

4. Microdose

One of the positive aspects this year was the increasing publicity and growing acceptance of psychedelics. Research continued apace, with everything from magic mushrooms (psilocybin), LSD and MDMA being touted as game-changers for a whole host of mental health conditions such as depression, PTSD, OCD, and many more. However, it wasn’t just for the treatment of more serious conditions that psychedelics came to the fore. Microdosing became one of the buzzwords of the year, with people taking subthreshold (i.e. way below ‘tripping’ level) amounts of psychedelics to improve mood, creativity, productivity and general feelings of wellbeing. For 2021, why not give microdosing a try? It’s an easy and beneficial change to make to your routine for the new year.  

5. Music

Despite the pandemic, artists continued to create music this year. In fact many albums and songs by musicians big and small were recorded in lockdown  making sure we had things to listen to throughout 2020 (although let’s forget all about ‘Imagine!’). We also received our yearly gift of a cheesy Spotify rundown of our most played songs. If your most-played was a touch embarrassing (like mine!) perhaps it’s a sign that next year you should check out some new music. Of course we all like our old favourites, but why not go dancing into 2021 with some fresh tunes? It’ll add some brightness to your January, without you having to leave your house — and you can make a list of artists you want to see live — when it becomes possible again! 

We hope this list of ideas has been helpful. And remember, the most important thing about this year is that you got through it! If you have any tips for easing in to 2021 let us know in the comments below!

Happy New Year! 

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