Top 10 Trippy Music Videos To Pass The Time Part 2

Since we’re still in quarantine for a while and we’re slowly starting to realize that we didn’t end up in a bad movie, all we can do is spend time worthwhile at home by watching trippy music videos. (And eat magic truffles)

Many use the time to connect and unite with livestream music raves, livestream fitnesses classes, live screenings, and many other creative ways. Others use this time to tune in with themselves. If you’re someone who wants to trip and travel without leaving your home, we bring you Part 2 of 8 Trippy Music Videos to pass the time. This is also for when if you’re not planning on tripping, by the way. 😉

A$AP Rocky – L$D (LOVE x $EX x DREAMS)

In 2015, the year this video was released, there was at least as enthusiastic a response to the visuals of the song as to the song itself. A$AP Rocky, who also produces and directs videos under his pseudonym ‘Lord Flacko’, surprised the hip-hop community and far beyond by proving the essential power of a strong music video. 

The video takes us on an LSD trip with Tokyo as the backdrop. The colors, lights and transitions in the video are breathtaking and as one of the reactions among the YouTube video also indicates: ”This video took the rest of my shrooms.” 

The video was nominated for the Grammy Awards for Best Music Video of the Year and it is definitely worth rewatching.

Bonobo – Cirrus

Cirrus is the first single from the fifth studio album of Bonobo, a Los Angeles based British musician. The video is a surrealist collage with footage of the American cult film, American Thrift. Cyriak, the creator of the video went all over YouTube in the early 2010s with several short, admirable videos influenced by American pop culture.  

If you look closely you’ll see funny references to Escher as well. 

Opgezwolle – Eigen Wereld

Of course, we have to recommend something from our home country. Opgezwolle was a rap duo that dominated the Dutch scene for a long time, giving a framework for the next generation. 

The concept of the video ‘’Eigen Wereld’’ is not very complex, but the execution is simply brilliant. In the video, we experience various references to artists, the Dutch city of Zwolle, but also how the lyrics are visually portrayed (nice for the non-Dutch speakers). 

Opgezwolle has broken up as a rap duo but Sticks and Rico are still releasing solo music.

Weval – Someday

The most recently released video from this list is ‘’Someday’’ by Weval. The music video consists of 5000 photos that follow each other at such a rapid pace that at first it is not noticeable that they are photos. Ranging from architecture to landscapes, the maker has created a true masterpiece.

Weval itself is a duo of two Dutch friends whom have known each other in the film industry. As soon as they found out that they also have a lot in common in the area of musicality, they decided to mix their styles and make music together. 

La Chiva Gantiva – Pelao

La Chiva Gantiva is a Colombian-Belgian band that produce mainly Afro-Colombian music. 

The music video of ‘’Pelao’’ is about the dangerous adventures of an immigrant in the Belgian capital of Brussels. In a tinkered world, we see what kind of difficulties the main character gets into. The visuals are fun to watch but there is also a deeper meaning behind them.

Le Peupl de l’Herbe – PH Theme

Le Peuple de l’Herbe is a French electronic music band formed in 1997 in Lyon

In the music video, we see several clay worlds in which all kinds of crazy things happen. It’s not very clear how and what, but it’s definitely an interesting video to watch when you’re tripping!

Giraffage & XXYYXX – Even Though

Giraffage is an American producer who mostly makes electronic music. 

‘’Even Though’’ already has a slightly psychedelic character as a sonic track, and the clip reinforces that by another by 100%. The trippy music video is based on the album cover of Tame Impala – Innerspeaker. It takes us through a landscape of beautiful colors and nature.  

Clams Casino – All I Need

Time for a fan-made video, since this video is not the official video. Although it’s unknown who created this trippy music video, the images and especially the editing is excellent. All images in the video (which are parts of 6 other different videos) have a layer of purple, radiating a dreamy vibe. 

Clams casino on the other hand, is an American producer who worked with Joji, Mac Miller and FKA Twigs.

Doja Cat – So High

Oops. While writing this blog, we caught ourselves not having mentioned any female artists’ trippy videos yet! 

Dojo Cat is a multi talented artist from California and has been active since 2013. ‘So High’ was her first big breakthrough, featured on her debut EP. The song is about her love for weed and getting high on all kinds of drugs. In the music video, we see her in a purple fairy tale world where a marijuana princess sits on a throne. 

A$AP Rocky – Kids Turned Out Fine

For the last video we go back to A$AP Rocky. The American rapper is known for his fondness for psychedelic rock. In his videos we often see psychoactive elements and, “The Kids Turned Out Fine” video is the perfect example of this.

The video is a visual montage of daily life of American teenagers and what they run into. Themes of drug use, crime and love are discussed while A$AP sings about the abuses in American society and why young people are misunderstood. 

Your favorite trippy music video?

We’re curious to hear from YOU. What’s your favorite trippy music video? What visuals absolutely blow your mind & why? Tell us below & tune in for the next one :).

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