Bring The Outdoors Indoors with Our Top 5 Psychedelic Nature Clips

Magic truffles and shrooms go hand in hand with exploring and appreciating nature. However, getting outside is not always possible, especially at the moment. In our recent guide How to Trip Alone on Shrooms, we recommended watching nature clips to soothe and improve your trip. To inspire you, we have put together a selection of our top 5 psychedelic nature clips! Animals do the trippiest things…

1- Groovy Octopi

Everyone’s favourite eight-legged freak (sorry spiders, did you really think it was you?), no animal list would be complete without some octopi appreciation. Although some may claim they are not animals at all, this octopus going about its undersea business, will definitely delight your senses.

2- Lemurs Getting High

In this clip, smart lemurs use millipedes as insecticide by rubbing them on their bodies. However, though practical, there may be other reasons the lemurs are so enthusiastic about this process. It seems the chemicals released by the millipedes induce a high and trancelike state. If you thought these guys already had crazy eyes, just watch them tripping!

3- X-Rated Slugs

Now for something a bit freaky… Let everyone’s favourite Grandpa, David Attenborough, narrate some slug pornography just for you! Flickering between hypnotizingly beautiful and downright icky, it’s impossible look away!

4- Master of Reinvention: The Butterfly

More insect intrigue, but this time a bit less PG13. The transformation from frumpy caterpillar to glamorous butterfly is a classic, that never stops boggling the brain. Perhaps some inspiration while we are all cocooning, to emerge brighter and better than ever before, when the time comes…

5- Nature’s Psychedelic Freakout

Ok, not technically an animal, but the Northern Lights have got to be one of nature’s most mind-bending miracles. This time lapse video, filmed in Alaska, shows the ethereal, dancing sky during aurora borealis. Get cosy, and let the colours wash over you from the comfort of your own home.

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