Do you need a heating mat in summer?

Growing magic mushrooms in summer

Growing magic mushrooms is possible in all seasons, as long as you keep an close eye on temperature ( and humidity). In summer it is possible that it gets real hot, almost too to hot grow ( magic) mushrooms. Please keep a close eye on your thermometer. You can always move the grow kit to a cooler location, maybe in the shade.

Ideal temperature to grow shrooms

Magic mushrooms can grow between 18 degrees and 28 degrees, however there is also such a thing as an ideal temperature, which is between 20 – 23 degrees. You can keep a close eye on this, when using a sterile thermometer inside the grow bag.

Heating mat in summer

When it is steady above 20 degrees ( day and night) you do not need a heating mat tp grow your mushrooms. When using a heating mat in general we recommend only to use the heating mat the first 2 days, to kick start the kit.
When using the heating mat longer, there is a chance the grow kit will dry out and won’t fruit anymore. Keep also a close eye on humidity
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