Magic Truffles in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its tolerant drug policy. For decades it has been seen as a Mecca for those who want the holiday souvenir of a psychedelic adventure, rather than a fridge magnet. However, despite the government banning magic mushrooms in 2008, The Netherlands still retains this reputation. This is because magic truffles are still legal. You will have seen them advertised in various Smart Shops and coffee shops throughout The Netherlands. There is often confusion about the difference between magic truffles and mushrooms, and their respective legal statuses. 

To Refresh Your Memory

 Many people are now considering microdosing magic truffles, due to the much-publicised benefits. Because of this, we thought it would be useful to give a refresher of the status and availability of magic truffles in the Netherlands. 

Magic mushrooms were made illegal in The Netherlands in 2008 due to an incident in which a teenager died. However, magic truffles remained legal. But what is the difference between them? 

The Difference Between Truffles and Mushrooms

Well, they are actually different parts of the same fungus. The fungus develops underground as a vegetative colony called mycelium. Mushrooms, as you know, are the fruit of the fungus that grow above ground. Truffles (technical name— sclerotia) are very similar, but grow underground. They are hardened clumps of mycelium, that act as food and energy stocks so that the fungus can survive in harsh conditions. 

Similar Psychedelic Effects

But, despite looking different, magic mushrooms and magic truffles produce similar psychedelic effects. Some people describe a truffle trip as a slightly milder and more pleasant experience. However, others claim that truffles contain higher levels of psilocybin than magic mushrooms. There is currently little research into the comparative differences and similarities of the two, so it is difficult to determine a definite answer. 

Today magic truffles are legal throughout the Netherlands, as well as home grow kits and mushroom spores. Whether for microdosing or a psychedelic experience, they are easily accessible and available. Check out our full range!

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