Srooms And Weed

Mixing Shrooms and Marijuana

To many, magic mushrooms and marijuana seem like natural bedfellows. ‘Natural’ being the operative word. These two substances, lauded for their connection to the earth, would exist with or without the enquiring minds of humanity. This makes them rather unique. So, it follows that a common question is whether one should combine the two, and what the results could be. The answer however, is not so simple. Like so many aspects of psychedelic exploration it comes down to personal preferences and tolerances. Luckily you have us to delve into the issue! So, mixing shrooms and marijuana— would you? Should you?

Of course in many countries neither of these two substances are legal. So let’s assume that you’re lucky enough to live in a place where both are legal, such as in the Netherlands. Here, both marijuana and magic truffles (the underground portion of the shroom) are easily accessible. 

A Refresher

To understand what might be the results of mixing shrooms and marijuana, it is best to first go over what to expect from them when taken separately. Of course for many of you this is old news. But— a refresher is always useful, especially if it helps you decide if a cocktail of Mother Earth’s trippiest children is for you. 

Psilocybin (Magic Truffles and Mushrooms) 

Psilocybin is considered an ‘upper’. It creates a bodily high as well as visual and mental hallucinations. It also produces feelings of euphoria, changes in perception, and at high doses it can induce synesthesia and spiritual experiences. The ‘main’ effects of psilocybin can last up to 6 hours. 


Although there are many different strains which have varying effects, cannabinoids are generally considered ‘downers’. They create a high that can vary between euphoric and calming, or a combination of the two. They also can produce sedative effects as well as general changes in perception and heightened mood. Strains with more THC (known as sativa) are known to be more stimulating, while strains with higher levels of CBD (known as indica) are known to be more relaxing. Like psilocybin, marijuana also alters perception of time. 

Mixing Shrooms and Marijuana

As you can see from the above comparison, there are many similarities between the two substances. However, if you are planning to mix them, there are a few variables to consider…


If you are a regular weed smoker, it follows that you might also partake during a mushroom trip. You know your limits and what dosage works for you. Similarly, if you are a well versed shroom tripper you might have a better idea of what is possible for you during your trip. If you are a beginner at either, it is probably best to start experimenting separately. Then, and only then should you think about doing a little mixing and matching. 


It’s probably safe to assume that the shroom trip will take centre stage in most cases of mixing. The addition of marijuana works to enhance or ‘top-off’ the experience. If it’s your first time mixing the two, a lower dosage of shrooms or truffles is recommended. For, while mixing shrooms and marijuana can emphasise the positive effects of each substance, it follows that on the flipside it can occasionally go the other way. In some instances mixing can emphasise negative and repetitive thought processes that are associated with both shrooms and marijuana separately. Additionally, the sedating nature of marijuana when coupled with the time-warping character of shrooms can sometimes make the experience feel like it is lasting forever. Finally, a too high dose of marijuana might simply dull or reduce the transcendental effects of psilocybin. 

Timing is Key…

But, now we’ve covered what to be wary of, maybe now it’s time to explore why shrooms and marijuna are two of the most popular drugs to combine? As we’ve said before, they share various similarities. This means they are able to compliment each other. Interestingly however, like so many things, the key with mixing shrooms and marijuana is timing. The way to really benefit from this earthy cocktail is to curate your trip. 


Many mixers swear by smoking some weed at the onset of a shroom trip. Indica strains of marijuana, that contain higher levels of CBD, can soothe the anxiety and impatience that can be associated with ‘coming up’ at the beginning of a trip. This means your inhibitions are lower from the off, making it easier to float away into a psychedelic wonderland.  Additionally, it is touted to reduce the feelings of nausea that can also happen in the first chapter. Finally, some claim that smoking at the beginning simply enhances the entire trip.


Once your psilocybin journey has begun, smoking may seem unappealing. Some people combat this with marijuana edibles. However, some trippers do enjoy a smoke, and often sativa strains of marijuana (with higher THC levels) can boost and energise, increasing the intensity of your experience. 


The most common moment of mixing shrooms and marijuana is actually towards the end of a trip, during the ‘come-down’. Marijuana seemingly works with the decreasing levels of psilocybin to extend and enhance the visuals and sensations of a trip as it ebbs away. Both substances have the peculiar attribute of making time seem to extend; in this way the remaining pleasant sensations, as well as any spiritual experiences you may have felt during your trip, can be mulled over. 

The Takeaway

Desired Effects- 

Enhance and intensify a trip, reduce anxiety of come-ups and/or come-downs, extend the gentle sensations, visuals and philosophising of your trip, reduce possible nausea. 


Can occasionally increase negative thoughts, can numb the trippy effects of the shrooms. 

Who Should Try It?

People who experienced with both shrooms and marijuana. 


Depending on your desired effects, the beginning middle or end of a trip is possible. 

Ultimately, it is always more sensible to consume psychedelic substances on their own terms. However, if you are interested in mixing shrooms and marijuana we hope you take our advice, as well as due care!

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