Moon Rituals for November’s Lunar Eclipse

In the late, late hours of the 18th of November, and the earliest hours of the 19th, there will be a partial lunar eclipse. This is when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, shrouding the latter in darkness. Although this is a partial lunar eclipse, 97.4% of the Moon’s surface will be obscured, meaning it’s pretty darn close to a total lunar eclipse. 

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Where Can I View The Lunar Eclipse?

Unfortunately, it will only be visible for those in the parts of the globe where the moon is above the horizon line. This means that for this particular eclipse, the USA, Canada and Mexico will have the best view, with South America, East Asia, Australia, the Pacific Region and parts of Europe having varying visibilities. 

If you are lucky enough to be in a region where the moon is winking at you, you still have to make a bit of an effort. Depending on your location, you’ll need to get moon-gazing in the chilly air around 2:19- 5:47am, so wrap up warm! (or live stream it!)

A Blood Moon? (Almost!)

Additionally, this specific lunar eclipse will be the longest of this century, clocking it at 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 23 seconds according to NASA. That’s a long time for the moon to be red….


Yep! As we mentioned before, this particular partial eclipse is very close to a total lunar eclipse. And when we have a total lunar eclipse, the moon seems to glow a startling red, leading it to be known as a ‘Blood Moon’. However, with 97.4% of its face covered this November the moon will be almost as bloody as during a total eclipse. Cool huh?

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The reason for this apparent blush is that the oxygen and nitrogen particles in the Earth’s atmosphere are better at scattering blue and violet light, as the wavelengths are shorter. Colours with a longer wavelength like red, orange or yellow remain, so we get this ruddy hue. 

This Moon Goes by Many Names

But, this moon isn’t just an ‘almost Blood Moon’. It actually goes by a few different names. Most prominent is probably ‘Beaver Moon’, which originates from the Native Americans’ diligent tracking of nature through the seasons. When the colonists came to America, they adopted this wisdom, but combined it with their Gregorian calendar. This culminated in the 1818 edition of The Farmers Almanac immortalising the names of each moon explaining that they derive from “…early Native American, Colonial American, and European folklore.”

The reason this November moon is the Beaver Moon then, is due to the fact that at this time of year the beavers start hunkering down in their lodges on the riverbanks — they sense the frost is coming. Unluckily for the beavers, this was also the time that hunters knew to put out their traps, as beaver fur sure will keep you warm against that winter frost. 

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The coming of the frost gives this Moon some of its other names, the ‘Frost Moon’, or the ‘Freezing Moon’, and the behavior of animals preparing for winter (it’s not just beavers!) bequeaths it the other names of ‘Digging Moon’, and ‘Scratching Moon’. Basically, this Moon tells you it’s gonna get chilly, so you better stock up on groceries, and get cosy!

The Spiritual and Astrological Implications of The Beaver Moon

There are many significant spiritual astrological implications of this moon.

 Firstly, continuing the beaver theme, this moon is a reminder to hunker down and get some work done, so perhaps you can chill come December, like clever old beaver here. However, it goes much deeper than our innate animal desires to prepare for winter.

Astrologically, this full-moon-partial- lunar-eclipse falls in Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which brings a focus on the terrestrial, the down-to-earth and the bodily. You will feel the need to seek security in your home, finances, relationships and sense of self. 

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However, the fact that this moon is also a lunar eclipse can derail Taurus’ mission for grounding. Eclipses are thought by astrologers to be the catalysts for great changes, unexpected events and big decision making. By keeping in mind the earthy stability of Taurus while learning to move with the choppy spiritual tides of the eclipse, you can see through this moon in style while focusing on making positive change.  

Magic Mushrooms and Moon Rituals

A way to stabilize and prepare yourself for these cosmic events is by doing a moon ritual. 

There are a few different types you can do. However, we think that incorporating magic mushrooms and truffles is key to letting in the powerful cosmic and spiritual changes the lunar eclipse brings. This is because psilocybin is known to open your mind and make you more adaptable and open to change. If you prepare yourself psychically for the potentially chaotic energy of the moon, you’ll be able to ride that lunar wave home safe. 

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Additionally, shrooms, though key to exploring the mental cosmos, are earth dwelling lil’ guys, so they connect with the grounded and security loving Taurus. Although you may psychically travel far from home, with shrooms you always return back, with warm fuzzy feelings and a greater connection to Mother Earth. It’s a lucky bull that goes foraging on the November pastures and stumbles upon a psychedelic mushroom!

The Ritual

🌝 Clear a space in your home. Make it comfortable — put cushions on the floor, light candles or fairy lights. Perhaps play some chill music of your choice, something relaxing but inspiring. If it isn’t too cold, open a window to let in some night air. You could also ‘smudge’ the space with sage to purify it. 

🌝 Brew some magic mushroom or truffle tea. Once it is infused, sip it slowly, feeling the strength it will give you to face future changes spread through your body. 

🌝 Write down your intentions for this moon cycle. The changes you wish to make, the things you want to cherish and grow, and the energy you need to release and be rid of. For example:

I want to let go of friendships that drain me, while tending to the ones that nourish me.

🌝 Speak your intention out loud, focusing deeply on the words.

🌝 Close your eyes and imagine the glowing face of the full moon. See its strength and celestial power. Imagine the shadow obscuring its face as the eclipse occurs. (This is for people who are not going to be standing on a hill moon-gazing at 3am!) Though all is dark for a time, this is a moment for reflection and introspection. In no time the moon’s glowing face will be back. Picture in your mind’s eye its return. Just like the moon you can overcome and return brighter than ever. Take 3 deep breaths. 

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🌝 Open your eyes. You have completed your moon ritual. Now be free to float on the vibes of your shroom tea. Even if you don’t stay up all night to watch the actual eclipse, know that it will be above you in your slumber, working its magic.

Prepare the harvest for your moon ritual!
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