Say It With Shrooms On Valentines Day!

St Valentine’s Day… it’s a divisive holiday. Unfortunate really, as it’s supposed to be all about luuurve and togetherness. However, for all those you who joyfully buy heart-shaped chocolates, and receive a note from your secret admirer, there’s an equal amount who sneer at the sappy cards, and would throw rocks at Cupid as he flies through the sky.

Bringer of love or target practice?

Neither party is wrong — Valentine’s Day has become commercialised — a way to sell cards and ready-meals-for-two. But it is also an important holiday, as it reminds us to appreciate our nearest and dearest . And of course, in this day and age that doesn’t have to be your husband or wife, it can be anyone you feel love for. Because everyone deserves love! Especially you! 

This is where magic mushrooms come in. They sprout from the ground with a gift of love for all human-kind (and the occasional sheep who has a munch!). That gift isn’t 10 red roses however, its psilocybin — the psychedelic compound that makes you trip. And, it’s a rare person that doesn’t feel overwhelmed with love for humanity, nature, (and the texture of the carpet between their toes) while tripping. I mean, it’s no coincidence that the psychedelic era contained The Summer of LOVE, my darling! Maybe it’s time to start celebrating this holiday in a new and psychedelic way. Why not say it with shrooms on Valentine’s Day?! But first, let’s crack into the history of this holiday… it’s rather unromantic origins might surprise you…

The Unromantic History of The Most Romantic of Holidays 

Who was Saint Valentine?

Classic saintly pose

Now even if your knowledge is basically nada about the history of Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably heard of Saint Valentine. However, this is when it gets that bit more tricky, as there are multiple St Valentine’s that the date is said to be named after — and it’s unclear which one is the actual guy. Chances are, it’s a mixture — there are three St Valentines in the frame and they all have a similar story — Christian martyr, brutally beheaded around abouts the 14th of February.  Romantic huh?! Some legends claim that St Valentine was a 3rd century roman priest who illegally married couples. This was during a time when marriage was banned by Emperor Claudius II. This was the first portrayal of the Saint(s) as a figure promoting love, whether it was actually true or not. 

Pagans Do It Better…

We don’t need to tell you not to copy this at home…

Unsurprisingly, like many Christian holidays, Valentine’s Day is said to have borrowed its date from a much older Pagan festival. The festival in question was called Lupercalia, and took place between the 13th and 15th of February in Rome. It celebrated fertility, and was as bawdy and wild as they come. Goats and dogs would be sacrificed, and young men would run through the streets whipping women with the skins of said sacrifices. Don’t worry though! This was thought to encourage women’s likelihood of pregnancy… so that’s… fine then ?. This festival was outlawed by Pope Gelasius in the late 400s, calling its participants ‘vile rabble’. 

A Little Bird Told Me…

Disclaimer! We know these birds weren’t in medieval England or France!

Additionally, Valentine’s Day takes place in spring. Everyone senses the warmth growing in the air, the plants bursting out of the ground, the blustery winds as the seasons change. No wonder people start to feel frisky — the earth is coming alive again! And what’s more life-affirming than love? Animals know it most of all, as it is when animals such as cows, sheep, horses, and goats give birth. Seeing those wobbly-legged baby animals taking their first steps could melt the coldest heart! The date February 14th was also important to the medieval English and French, as they believed it the exact day that the mating season of birds began. Do as the birds do I guess…

Love Costs

The first mass produced Valentines cards appeared in America in the 1840s, the brainchild of one ‘Mother of the American Valentine’ Esther A. Howland. People had been exchanging sweet notes to their lovers, family and friends on Valentines Day since the 1700s, but these were the first large scale productions. Howard’s chosen iconography of hearts and lace still persist today. From there on the holiday only grew in popularity. In a recent survey it was found that Americans will spend, on average, $196 on Valentines-y stuff. Men spent $291 on average, whereas women spent $106. People please! Didn’t you hear that money can’t buy you love…

Taking Shrooms on Valentines Day

There is something money can buy you though, and that’s magic mushrooms and truffles. Studies have proven that psychedelics bind to serotonin receptors, creating a rush of loving feelings, that last long after you have finished tripping. There is much anecdotal evidence of couple’s relationships improving greatly after a psychedelic experience, feeling open towards their partner again, as if in the first flush of romance. There is also much to think about when taking shrooms early in a relationship — the feelings you experience could be intense. (We covered this in more depth in our ‘Sex on Shrooms’ article.)

However, if you feel prepared to take the plunge this Valentines Day, whether alone or in a couple, or a thruple (if that’s your jam), make sure the vibe is right. Present yourself or your lover with a bouquet of self-grown shrooms, or a little box containing magic truffles the size of uncut diamonds! Put on some romantic tunes, clean sheets and let the waves of love wash over you. 

And remember, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day every year to appreciate yourself or your partner — if you feel love — show it! It’s always a good time to say it with shrooms!

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