Top 10 Trippy Music Videos To Pass The Time (Part 3)

Music videos…who doesn’t love them? Visuals are a great way to convey a story, idea or feeling. But how do you visualize a psychedelic experience?

Previously, our Top 10 Trippy Music Videos Parts 1 and 2 have already been reviewed. From the progressive hip-hop videos of A$AP Rocky to the incredibly artistic and experimental videos of the Dutch band Opgezwolle. 

Today in Part 3, we share another one of our 10 Trippy Music Videos to pass the time. The music videos can provide food for thought or visuals to daydream away. Enjoy watching!

GUM – The Blue Marble (2018)

For the first video, we go Down Under. The Australian music scene is bursting with talent and we see that with GUM. Jay Watson, multi instrumentalist, is the brain behind the song that tells the story of self-love, forgiveness and the universe.

The accompanying video was made by Alex McLaren who shows the cycle of life in a world of clay. It is nice to dream away while the text gives food for thought.

Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able (2009)

Another wonderful video where clay art is central! Grizzly Bear, an indie rock band sing about trying to keep infidelity a secret. It’s a heavy subject while the video takes you into a colorful wild forest with mysterious creatures. Psychedelic rock lends itself more often to tripping music videos but this is a certified classic.

Yung Bans – Out (Pigeons & Planes) (2018)

Hip-Hop may not be everyone’s genre when you connect it directly to trippy music videos. However, more and more creative videos are appearing in this arena and we are pleased to see this.

In ‘Out (Pigeons & Planes),’ Yung Bans raps about walking a new path and about respect. The video was recorded entirely indoors because Bans was under house arrest for a number of criminal charges at the time of release. Luckily director Lone Wolf knows what he’s doing and he managed to create a splendid video of animated collages.

Tyler, The Creator – IFHY (2013)

Tyler the Creator is known as one of the most progressive and influential artists worldwide. When it comes to his music videos, you never know what to expect. IFHY is about a love-hate relationship between Tyler and his lover in a kind of doll’s house.

The video contains humor, creativity and tragedy. 

Getter – Head Splitter (2015)

Getter is an American DJ whose worked with the likes of dubstep legend Skrillex. While enjoying a nice easy song, this video shows that a video clip doesn’t always need a storyline to pop. In this video, we see a lot of action, colors and admirable visuals passing by in a fast speed. Lovely to lose yourself altogether, tripping or not.

Blockhead – The Music Scene (2010)

Now a video with a deep underlying theme. ‘The Music Scene’ is considered one of the most revealing videos ever and this is why. The video consists of beautiful colorful animations that tell the story of the relationship between mankind and the internet. Opinions and interpretations about the message vary but it is clear that it is about an overload of information (TMI) and the balance that humanity will have to find with the internet and technology in order not to lose itself. These 5 minutes are undoubtedly repetitive and triggers every brain to think and fantasize. 

Crumb – Locket (2018)

If we are to believe the Youtube comments under this video, the visuals are the effect from different types of drugs from LSD to Shrooms.

The video has a slightly nostalgic vibe, set in a colorful dream world made by blurry camera techniques. We are taken into the thoughts of the singer while she is surrounded by friends. A nice comfortable video to lick your fingers at.

No_4mat – 1992 (2017)

Techno is celebrating again and nowadays in the lo-fi way. No_4mat literally takes you to 1992, because the video shows images of a rave that took place in the early 90s. It’s an aesthetically pleasing video that shows people dancing and enjoying themselves in the moment of their lives. We see joy, surrender and delight. What immediately becomes apparent is that people completely lose themselves in front of the camera. Basically, in times when there was no need to fear ending up as a meme on the internet.

A$AP Rocky – A$AP Forever (2018)

A$AP Rocky was born and raised in New York and shows his love for the city in this video.

We see different settings of everyday life of different kinds of people who don’t really do anything special. We are taken through the streets of Harlem and Queens, NYC. The track gets a surprising twist when the song ”Porcelain” by Moby is sampled and put in a modern jacket. A classic with a visually inspiring video.

Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (2012)

‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ is one of the most famous psychedelic music videos. The visuals feel like a warm positive trip full of fine stimuli. It feels like a warm positive trip full of nice incentives and peace. If you like psychedelic rock then we probably don’t have to tell you to check out more of Tame Impala. But with this music, your trip will always be enhanced in a positive way. 

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