Top 5 Animals That Get High

Since the beginning of life on Earth there have been mind-altering substances. And a result, there have been creatures getting buzzed on them. Whether they’ve sought out the high or just accidentally chewed on magical fungus, an animal who enjoys a trip is no rare thing. Despite the fact we live in houses and have added a bunch of synthetic drugs to our roster, when it comes to getting high— maybe humans and animals ain’t so different after all.

We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Animals That Get High, ranging from land, to sea, to your own backyard. Check it out!

DolphinsPuff, Puff, Pass

Dolphins— the 90s teen girl’s favourite animal, and potentially one of our distant relatives. Also, they love to get high— on fellow sea-dweller the pufferfish, no less. When scared, the pufferfish emits a toxin (the strength of which could kill a human) that seems to inebriate the dolphins. Hilariously, the dolphins can be seen passing the puffer to each other, and then floating euphorically together near the surface. The pufferfish, presumably non-plussed his poison has failed, darts away, the dolphins otherwise occupied.

BearsGoing on a Shroom Hunt

Cute, cuddly, and deadly in reality… but are bears also psychonauts? This video shows a bear cub eating the psychedelic mushroom known as Amanita muscaria, and then having a rather ‘special’ experience. Lying on her back and playing with her feet, she certainly seems at one with the world. (Make what you will of the funky special effects added!)

Jaguars- Inspiring Shamans

Jaguars in the Amazon are fond of recreational substances too. They have been found to chew on Yage root, or as its also known— Ayahuasca. It has been said that humans could have discovered the powerful psychoactive effects of the plant from watching jaguars. Jaguars are held in very high esteem by the indigenous tribes who also use this substance, with the most experienced shamans being said to have the power to transform into a jaguar. Whether this is the case or not, it sure is nice to see such a fearsome creature roll around in the grass like a kitten. Which brings us to…

Cats- The Stoner in Your Own Home

If you have a cat at home, you’ve probably given them a dose of the green stuff before. If not, what are you waiting for?! Said to have an effect (on cats not people!) like marijuana or LSD, catnip or catmint causes a feline to roll around, meow, become over excited and then usually, fall asleep. You’re very own cat video compilation— live!

Reindeers- Flying High

Like bears, reindeers are also ‘shroom heads. Reindeer (or caribou), with their strong constitution, are known to wolf down all kinds of potentially toxic fungus. Including these festive looking red and white spotty guys, Amanita muscaria, which grow in their native Alaska. In fact, shamans of that area would use these tripping ‘deers for their own psychedelic experience. As reindeer do not metabolise the psychoactive compounds of the ‘shrooms they come straight out in their urine. This was then collected by the shamans to drink, so they could trip themselves. The circle of life eh?!

Additionally, there is another reindeer-‘shroom connection. The Santa Claus figure we know today originated from Nordic mythologies and traditions, he himself rather shaman-like. Additionally, the red and white spotted toadstool remains an enduring symbol of the festive period. This actually comes from a tradition of gifting Amanita muscaria at the winter solstice. In the resulting psychedelic trips, it’s not so crazy to imagine people would see reindeers flying across the night sky.

And one more thing— Rudolf’s nose? A big, red ‘shroom-shaped thing that guides the way….. coincidence? I think not.

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