Top 5 Psychedelic Self-Care Tips

Taking magic mushrooms or truffles is generally seen as a rather intense pass time. Most people think they’re reserved for parties, festivals or spiritual awakenings. A lot of this was to do with their illegal status. The effort required to get hold of them made taking them seem even more of an ‘event’. And of course, it usually is — with many people citing a psychedelic trip as one of the most important experiences of their lives. But, today, with psychedelics becoming widely accepted, decriminalised, and eventually legalised ? — as well as their accessibility in the form of magic truffles and grow-kits — this no longer has to be the case.

Psilocybin (the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms and truffles) is integrating itself into everyday life — and this is great news! More and more studies are showing the medicinal benefits of this compound. These benefits range from treating formerly untreatable depression, to a general increase of well-being and happiness.

So with this in mind (and as lockdowns across the world continue), we thought it would be the perfect time to explore how to integrate magic truffles into your self-care routine! Because, let’s be honest, we all deserve a bit of love right now, and who better to dispense it than the person who knows you best? — YOU! Psilocybin is surprisingly easy to include in your regular routines — and not just that — it enhances them! If your new year’s resolutions from January seem far back in the mists of time, this could be just the incentive you need… Get ready for our top 5 psychedelic self-care tips!

1. Exercise On Shrooms

Now, for those of you that may think this sounds crazy, hear me out. We’re not encouraging taking a ‘heroic dose’ and doing a triathlon here — perhaps a micro-to-light dose and some yoga or stretching. These activities are meditative and nourishing at the best of times, but combining them with psilocybin will bring them to a whole new level. You will be able to focus entirely on the feelings in your body, the sensations in your muscles. It is often hard to listen to our bodies when we are so disjointed from them — technology and everyday stressors make it hard to hear.

If you are doing a yoga class in person maybe a microdose is the best bet for you — so your mind doesn’t wander too far from the instructor. If at home, why not take a slightly higher dose and just stretch in a way that feels right — like a kitty-cat would. And, the day after your dose you’ll still feel that slight warm, fuzzy feeling, perfect for a bit of ‘salute-to-the-sun’

2. Enjoy The Outdoors

It’s no secret that psychedelics increase our feelings of closeness to nature. It’s part and parcel of the whole experience — especially shrooms themselves, our little friends that sprout from the ground. Next time you go for a walk (which for many people is the only trip outside they get at the moment!) why not take a little dose of magic mushrooms or truffles beforehand? Even if you’re taking the same route you do everyday, it will appear anew. The trees will wave at you, the wind will whistle to you, and the spring flowers will peep out of the earth, just for you! If just for a change of ‘scenery’, as well as all the nature-based joy you’re sure to feel, treating yourself to a psychedelic nature walk is a no-brainer. You’ll really come away having enjoyed the great outdoors — which can only be good for you, right?

3. Cut Down On Caffeine

Of course, self care is about doing what feels right for you, and treating yourself. So prohibiting stuff, of course, doesn’t initially seem appealing. However! We are not telling you to quit your morning pick-me-up… we are proposing a groovy alternative. Why not make the brains of Silicon Valley and swap your morning coffee for a morning microdose?

A whole new way to get yourself ready for the day, and unlike caffeine, this imperceptible amount of psilocybin will not cause your energy to crash after a few hours. Neither will it make you all anxious and jittery, and liable to snap at a co-worker. In fact, it has been shown to actually make you nicer. It will also put some pep in your step, and many claim it improves creativity. Ok, maybe you don’t have to totally let go of your cup o’ joe, but why not try replacing one every three days with a microdose? (that’s the Fadiman method!) Interestingly, unlike caffeine, psilocybin is not addictive… so percolate on that a little while… 

4. Master Your Meditation

Often during a shroom trip you can’t help but become meditive. Often when you try and meditate it’s very hard to let go, and allow your mind to be free.

 Hmm… I think I might see a solution. 

Meditation is thought to be one of the best forms of self-care, as it helps you to reach inner peace on your own terms. It fosters balance and calm emotionally, mentally and physically. Once you have a meditation routine you have both a coping mechanism and a powerful skill. But, it can be hard to get started. Often we get in our own way. This is where psilocybin can help; it is clinically proven to get you out of your own way — in a way.

Psychedelics have been found to alter the working of the Default Mode Network (DMN), which creates both our sense of self, and all our anxieties and worries. While we need our DMN to function, being able to sidestep it for a short while, and learning from this, is key. Next time you plan to meditate, perhaps microdose beforehand, or take a slightly higher dose for a really introspective state. We don’t recommend dosing every time you meditate, however, if you can remember the feelings you experience when under the influence, and apply them to your day-to-day meditation, it can be very beneficial! Additionally, some time to yourself to trip and explore your mind can never be a bad thing!

5. Get Clean

Ok, it’s a classic bit of self-care advice, but a nice, hot, soak in the tub can work wonders. Candles, bubble bath, essential oils, a rubber duck — whatever your jam, there’s nothing more relaxing. 

Or is there… 

What if you were to add a little pinch of magic to the mix? Again, we’re not suggesting you blast off to another galaxy— rather, a gentle dose, just to make your experience all the more cosy, dreamy and relaxing — is perfect. If you don’t have a bath, many people enjoy a psychedelic shower — the euphoric feeling of the warm water hitting your skin is second to none. Look for patterns in the water and watch your toes wiggle like little beans. You’ll feel like a brand new shiny humanoid afterwards!

Shroom time!

We hope that these shroomy self-care tips will inspire you to look after yourself in new and exciting ways. Do you have any tips for self-care, psychedelic or otherwise? Share them in the comments below!

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