Microdosing and Weight Loss

Psilocybin research continues apace. Boosted by its FDA fast-track to a prescription drug for psychedelic-assisted therapy; there is much hype and excitement for its usage to combat mood disorders, such as depression. However, there is another industry that wants a bite of that magical mushroom extract. The weight loss and management market is worth $245 billion in the USA today, dwarfing that of the depression management. Of course, this means companies are always looking for the next trend in the ‘healthy living’ industry. And they may have found it. Microdosing (aka taking a tiny amount of pscychedelic semi-regularly) for weight loss could soon be the next big thing. 

Obesity— A Global Epidemic

The World Health Organisation has recognized obesity as a global epidemic. Obesity related deaths top 2.8 million a year. As well as this, health problems associated with obesity, such as diabetes, put intense strain on healthcare systems around the world. This could be avoided if the root of the problem were targeted. 

But, remove those dollar-signs from your eyes, and wash away that cynicism. For many people weight loss is a question of life or death, rather than vanity. Big companies aside, can psilocybin be a key to a healthier lifestyle?

Microdosing— The Next Big Thing

In December 2019 a company called ‘Neonmind’ applied for a patent to use psilocybin and psilocin (the active psychedelic compounds in magic mushrooms) for the purpose of weight loss. As a naturally occurring fungi, psilocybin mushrooms cannot be patented, but different methods of extraction can. This is a complicated and lengthy process. However, a company that manages it, is set to become very rich. Think of how much money Weight Watchers and similar companies rake in every year, with endless products, from snack bars to ready meals. Neonmind is hoping to bring its own range to the market very soon. Waiting in the wings are over 120 different food and drink products, such as coffee infused with psilocybin.

But, remove those dollar-signs from your eyes, and wash away that cynicism. For many people weight loss is a question of life or death, rather than vanity. Big companies aside, can psilocybin be a key to a healthier lifestyle?

How Psilocybin Aids Weight Loss

Although there have been less studies on using psilocybin for weight loss as opposed to mood disorders, there is growing evidence that it has substantial effect. The mushroom extract has shown been shown to aid weight loss by reducing food cravings and compulsive eating, as well as improving diet quality, increasing metabolism, treating diabetes by regulating blood glucose levels, and helping to reduce susceptibility to cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. 

Learning Healthy Habits

Interestingly, there is no evidence that psilocybin increases or decreases appetite. Rather it helps the brain reset itself, so previous cravings or habits are wiped away. It is this aspect that has also made psilocybin a promising tool to combat eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa. A blank slate means that good and healthy eating habits can be learnt or regained, in relation to either over or under-eating.  

The Psychedelic Community Already Know

This seems very exciting and new, however, these benefits have been known for quite a while by the psychedelic community. There are many Reddit threads which discuss the health gains individuals have enjoyed via microdosing on psychedelics. Of course, it is known that on a ‘tripping amount’ of shrooms appetite is generally reduced, but many Reddit-ers share anecdotal evidence of a microdosing routine helping them with weight or health management. One contributor said:

‘I haven’t MDd (microdosed) for the particular goal of losing weight, but I am certainly more conscious of my eating and exercise habits. Since I’ve started my MD regiment, I have stopped gaining weight.

I think what may make microdosing an effective solution for you is the increased motivation and energy it’ll bring you.

It is also possible that it’ll help reduce your negative self image and increase your love for yourself, which is very important in attaining any goal in life.’

A Deeper Connection with the Self

This is just one of many self-reported stories of microdosing helping people to lose or maintain weight. Unlike faddy or chemical diet supplements however, microdosing seems to change the attitude people have towards the things they consume. A deeper connection with the ‘self’ encourages you to fill your body with foods that nourish, and reduces the urge to eat for comfort. Additionally microdosing has been found to increase motivation to be active and engage in exercise routines that are also greatly beneficial to overall health.

Instead of a cycle of shame related to what we eat that the diet industry encourages, psilocybin seems to make it possible to introduce eating habits that care for ourselves, and by extension, society. 

Is Microdosing for you?

Again, we find ourselves looking out at the bright horizon of possibilities that psilocybin is promising. As everybody is a different body, it is good to explore the possibilities and discover the correct balance for yourself. If you feel that microdosing to manage your health is for you, then check out our microdosing guide

*As always, we recommend consulting your doctor if considering a lifestyle change, to discuss your options.

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