Microdosing Mushrooms for PMT

The Problems Faced By Women Suffering From PMT

Premenstrual Tension (PMT) is a condition suffered by many women in the run up to their period. Its symptoms can include anxiety, depression, exhaustion, stomach cramps and headaches, among other unappealing afflictions. This time of the month is often approached with a feeling of creeping dread. Will I be able to concentrate at work? Will I snap at those closest to me? Will I just randomly start crying? A friend described it as ‘…feeling as though the whole world is pressing down on you’. 

But what can be done? When women report these symptoms (and the much more extreme version Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder— PMDD) doctors are likely to dismiss it as exaggeration. As with so many things (contraceptive pill side effects, postnatal depression etc) women are expected to ‘just get on with it’.

Many women have begun to seek alternative treatments, including a growing trend for psychedelics. One of these is microdosing mushrooms for PMT!

Psychedelics Mushrooms As An Alternative?  

By taking little amounts of psilocybin when PMT rears its ugly head, some women are teaching themselves to reduce the symptoms. With microdosing, the small amount of psilocybin is taken every 3 to 4 days. However, with microdosing for PMT, women often simply take it when they feel the onset of their symptoms. This gives them a greater freedom in the way in which they medicate. Often treatments prescribed by doctors (such as antidepressants like SSRIs) take months to become effective. As many women’s cycles are not completely regular, it becomes difficult to predict when they should be taken. Unfortunately, SSRIs come with some unwelcome side effects, such as loss of libido and serotonin syndrome.

Psilocybin also  involves serotonin—but instead of adding more to your system it simply makes the brain THINK there is more. This mimics the effects without the drawbacks! 

Studies have shown that this ‘tricking of the brain’ produces all the favorable results of serotonin. These Include improved sleep quality, stable energy levels, less of the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Not Just The Mind, The Body Too!

As well as alleviating the psychological symptoms of PMT, studies have shown that psilocybin can help with the physical effects too! Low doses of psilocybin act as a vasoconstrictor. This means they reduce the flow to parts of the body by constricting blood cells. This reduces the inflammation caused by cramps and headaches commonly associated with PMT.

So Is This Treatment Right For Me/ My Girlfriend/ Sister/ Friend?

As all women and their cycles are different, it is not possible to suggest a one size fits all treatment. However, as studies are showing, for some women microdosing mushrooms can be a key to improving their experiences with PMT and PMDD. 

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