Microdosing to Manage ADHD

The wave of interest in microdosing psychedelics to treat cognitive disorders (such as depression, PTSD, OCD etc) shows no sign of stopping. Now in the frame is ADHD as the latest condition that could be managed with this technique, specifically psilocybin as the microdose of choice. 

ADHD is a condition that is typically associated with children and adolescents. Characterised by hyperactivity, forgetfulness, lack of organisation and mood swings, it can be hard to manage while growing up.  However, 60% of children with ADHD will continue to have it into adulthood. After a childhood often spent being bounced from one amphetamine based medication (such as Ritalin or Adderall) to another, it is not surprising you would want to take your treatment into your own hands.

Traditional Medications

For many, amphetamine or stimulant medications do curb the symptoms of ADHD, easing hyperactivity and short attention span. However, prolonged use of these traditional medications can cause health issues in adults. These include high blood pressure and heart disease. For those diagnosed as having ADHD as adults, they may already have underlying health problems. This would make the use of stimulants as treatment impossible. 

The Positive Traits of ADHD

Additionally, many people who have ADHD reject the idea that its symptoms need to be muted. Often the use of Ritalin et al can create a numbing effect in which the user loses something of their personality, and in higher doses a ‘zombie’ effect can occur. Many of the traits of ADHD can be very positive. These include high energy levels, creativity, spontaneity and the ability to think outside of the box. Not to mention the classic ADHD trait of hyperfocus, which when directed positively can be a massive advantage. Many scientists, inventors, artists and musicians have ADHD, and the ability to direct their hyperfocus can put them strides ahead of their peers. 

Why Microdose for ADHD?

This duality of both positive and negative traits of ADHD makes treatment difficult. This is where microdosing comes in. Rather than cutting off aspects of personality, microdosing with psilocybin can help manage the symptoms that can be undesirable. People with ADHD who microdose self-report improved focus and ability to be present. A higher level of self awareness makes it easier to regain focus, if lost. Equally, this self awareness brings the ability to be kinder to yourself if you do become distracted. This helps get out of some of the shame cycles that can be associated with ADHD. These stem from often being scolded or labeled as ‘badly behaved’ at school. This misunderstanding of their needs, by teachers or carers, can often affect the self esteem of those with ADHD well into adulthood. 

A Tool for Multiple Purposes

Additionally, other cognitive conditions such as depression often go hand in hand with ADHD. Depression is nearly 3 times as likely in adults who also have ADHD, and it is often more intensive than cases where a person has just one of these conditions. Psilocybin microdosing has been shown to also be effective in managing and treating depression, making it a tool that can be used for multiple purposes. This benefit also saves the user from the confusing swirl of conflicting and competing medications for different conditions. 

How to Microdose for ADHD

As ever, we recommend the Fadiman Method for microdosing, wherein a small dose (usually 1g) of magic truffles is taken twice a week. 

For all you need to know about microdosing magic truffles and the Fadiman Method click here! 

Of course, microdosing works best when in combination with cognitive therapy and a lifestyle that encourages mindfulness. Techniques such as meditation and an exercise regime can be very helpful. Luckily however, an adult with ADHD has often worked these practices into their life already to manage their condition. This means that microdosing can slot quite easily into their lifestyle. In all cases, everyone is different and needs different levels, or styles, of treatment. The added awareness that microdosing gives can bring into focus what really works for you.

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