Psychedelic Conferences You Can Enjoy At Home

Psychedelic Conferences You Can Enjoy At Home

For those of you who are too old for, but still miss, that September ‘back to school’ feeling, (or you’re still at school but fancy some extra-curricular) — we have something for you! Here are the psychedelic conferences you can enjoy at home. ?

Psychedelic Renaissance

In recent years the lecture and conference circuits have been lit up by events focussing on psychedelic research. These events draw experts from across the globe together. There have been conferences on everything from research into ancient plant medicines, to visibility of women in the ‘psychedelic renaissance’.

Tickets To The Digital Realm

 It barely needs to be said, but the sweep of covid-19 has caused countless changes. This includes how events like this are organised. Now these events exist in an online form, with tickets being sold to access conferences in the digital realm. Although this takes away the buzz, hubbub and chance meeting-of-minds that existed in the previous IRL conference format— there are some real benefits to this new strategy. (As well as safety of course!)

Previously, conference attendance would have been limited. Only possible if you can afford not just the ticket, but the travel to the venue, as well as accommodation. This would then be people of a certain wealth, or those who’s ticket could be purchased by an institution. It also cut out people who are the main care-givers to their family, or have a condition that means they cannot travel. With this new format, these groundbreaking events can be participated in from the comfort of your own home. 

Wider Accessibility

This format also means that attendance numbers can be larger than before. Virtual space does not become overcrowded in the same way as a lecture hall. By being able to admit more would-be scholars, these events are democratised for the student, the self taught or even just the interested. Additionally, many of these conferences focus on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics, such as the treatment of depression or PTSD. This means that those who suffer from these conditions can use these conferences as a resource. By learning in greater detail about potential breakthroughs and treatments, they can potentially change their lives. The wider accessibility of these events means that this kind of discovery is more likely. 

So, what could be more current and on-topic than a conference on psychedelics to be enjoyed from your own sofa? Not much, we reckon. So, here’s a little run down of some psychedelic based conferences that are occurring in the near future!

The Mt. Tam Psilocybin Summit

Running from 17th-20th of September 2020, the summit exists solely online, stating that it is “virtual and worldwide”. This exciting event positions itself as “Four days of the most profound explorations of the sacred mushroom ever assembled” . The roster of esteemed speakers ranges from Dr Margaret Ross, a Senior Clinical Psychologist, to Dennis McKenna, founder of the McKenna Academy and brother of Terence, who will focus on culture and ecology, to Pedro Vadhar a musical artist who harnesses shamanic tradition. The fact that the same event can include scientific and therapeutic research, cultural exploration, ecology and art, is testament to the magic of mushrooms. It also means there is something for everyone to check out. Additionally, every lecture, workshop or performance is recorded so you can watch at your leisure, without any schedule collisions!

Mapping The Mind 

 Mapping The Mind Conference 2020: Psychedelic Science Conference: The Future of Psychedelic Science’ will occur from the 19th-20th of September. The brainchild of non-profit company Mapping The Mind, they are supported by MAPS Canada. The range of topics that this conference covers is slightly more science and society based. It will focus on integration, the potential use of psychedelics beyond the clinic, and MDMA therapy. Their esteemed list of speakers includes Anne Wagner PH.D, Peter Sjöstedt-H and Rick Doblin, founder of MAPS.

This Canada-based event comes hot on the heels of the Canadian government granting psilocybin use to four terminally ill patients. This is sure to add an extra splash of optimism to proceedings. This development is evidence of the progress that this event aims towards. Additionally, proceeds from the event will go towards funding studies in MDMA-assisted therapy for eating disorders and combining MDMA with cognitive therapy for PTSD. 

Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 

Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2020 will take place this year in Haarlem, The Netherlands from the 24th-26th of September. This conference, which is in its fourth year, prides itself on its “…commitment to high-quality academic research”. This event focusses on cutting-edge studies, and research into psychedelics as treatment for mental health disorders. It will feature panel discussions, lectures and workshops. The ‘interdisciplinary’ aspect comes from the organisation’s belief that many different types of knowledge and study are essential for psychedelic research. They aim to bridge the gap between scientific, academic and philosophical disciplines. Their speakers include Janis Phelps PH.D, Monnica Williams PH.D, Rick Doblin (again!) and many more. In the aim of inclusivity, the ICPR will also be making scholarships available to researchers from countries with limited means.

Let Us Fill You In!

Of course, there are many psychedelic events, conferences, workshops and celebrations happening all the time. These are just a few of the higher profile ones. And if you don’t manage to attend one of these conferences, rest assured that we will be here to fill you in on any new developments in the psychedelic community! 

Happy learning! ?

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