Get ready for a magical Halloween!

The spooky-month is upon us people and it’s another great opportunity for a trip as well as some history with october ramping up to its grand finale of trick or treating, costumed parties and a general sense of ne’er-do-wellian behaviour. But where did ‘Halloween’ come from?

What is Halloween. Where did it come from?

In modern times, Halloween, occurring on the 31st of October, stems from the westernised-christian event, All Hallow’s Eve, a time of celebration and remembrance for saints, martyrs and the faithfully departed. Saints being at one point referred to as ‘Hallows’, hence the naming of the occasion. Although there is minor debate on the origin of Halloween, it is commonly held theory that it originated from the Celtic pagan festivals, most notably the Gaelic festival ‘Samhain’.

Halloween is Samhain, well what is Samhain then?

Samhain, one of the many Gaelic seasonal festivals, was a celebration held by the pagans of ancient Britain, Ireland and Brittany (northern France). Sitting halfway between autumn equinox and winter solstice, the festival marked the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter and the dark days of the year. Ireland especially has a strong connection with the time of Samhain with many of their earliest literature, events and myths situated around the time and actions of Samhain itself. For the day to day lives of pagans at the time this period also saw the bringing in or return of livestock, namely cows, from the hills and mountains for slaughter.

Faeries, pixies and the otherworld. The magical side of Samhain!

Getting into the more spooky side of events though, Samhain was a very important event for the druids, mystics and witches of the time. These pagans believed that Samhain/Halloween was a ‘liminal’ time, a period where the physical and mystical boundaries of our world and the ‘otherworld’ became weaker and the threshold could be crossed or looked through. The ‘otherworld’ being a mythical land of lasting health, beauty, youth and joy where all things magical and terrible were thought to live. Faeries, pixies, leprechauns and elves. Satyrs, vampires, banshees and ‘Sluagh’. All manners of magical creatures and beasts were thought to cross-over and freely roam across the planes of Earth…can you see where this is going? Beats and demons roaming around the place, sounds familiar, right?!

It’s also the time when mushrooms sprout, coincidence?

Seeming like it can’t be coincidental, Samhain/Halloween also happens to be the time of the year, at least in the northern hemisphere, when magic mushrooms come into season and start to appear all over forests and fields. It’s hard to imagine that some amount of tripping wasn’t involved in this pagan festival, how else would you see faeries? In light of this though, we think a great way to honour this period and this custom is to have your own mushroom trip.

What you can do for Halloween/Samhain this year!

Jumping back to the ‘now’, Halloween has become quite the chaotic festival. Droves of random people roaming around in costumes and playing pranks might not seem like the average cup of tea for most shroom tripper. For this reason, especially for our first-timers or the less experienced among us, we don’t recommend you attend a large public function or party for your trip. Instead get some friends and/or family around and throw your own party at home or in some nature you know and are comfortable with where the environment is a) generally less scary and b) more controllable. Whether you’re in the woods or have your own garden, get a roaring fire going, dress up as your favorite mythical creatures and share some spooky stories with your co-compatriots, a magical night awaits!

Special magic truffles Halloween combo

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