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Equinox is today!

September can be a busy period for the psychedelics amongst us, alongside 920, the Magic Mushroom Day, there is also the Autumn Equinox which falls on the morning of September 23rd, a time of great importance and heritage to many religions, sects and cults across the globe. As long as you’re in the Northern Hemisphere that is. But what is an equinox exactly? Commonly put an equinox is “the instant of time when the plane of Earth‘s equator passes through the center of the Sun”. Basically, this just means the time of the year when the length of day and night are approximately equal and when the center of the sun can be seen directly over the earth’s equator. These days though, it is effectively an informal thanksgiving ritual, commonly termed “Mabon” by neopagans after a character from welsh mythology

Who celebrates Equinox? 

Who celebrates Equinox though, and why? It seems both the spring and fall equinox are largely revered by one main group, the pagan worshippers of western and northern europe, namely the Celts of the British Isles. This also includes the erstwhile prosecuted Wiccan’s, otherwise known as witches to you and I. By serving as a marker for the start of a new season on the planet, fall equinox was usually seen as harvest time across most of europe and holds great importance in that regard alone. For the Celts and other pagans, it was also seen as the time to give thanks to the sunlight that came in the previous months and to show respect for the dark days ahead. These days, in the UK fall equinox is often celebrated at the site of Stonehenge, a 5000 year old megalithic stone circle that is closely tied to paganism and druidism, here people gather to witness the sunrise in large numbers.  However there are plenty more groups across the world that also celebrate the fall equinox in one form or another. Such as the Mayans of ancient Mexico who built the main pyramid at Chichen Itza to allow the sunrise of an equinox to perfectly run down its steps.

How can you celebrate the autumn Equinox?

How can you celebrate the autumn equinox though? The main goal of this period is to show respect and give your thanks to nature and there are many ways to achieve this. We would suggest spending some time amongst nature, a forest walk could be the perfect activity to not only get some fresh air in your lungs but appreciate the change in foliage, trees and animals around you. Another great tradition you can try is the Welsh practice of Eisteddfod, this is a celebration and competition involving what were known as the “Bardic arts”, that means poetry, music, song, dance and more. A wonderful reason to get friends and family around a roaring fire with some apple cider or dandelion wine before the long winter nights set in. Perhaps you can take this even further in the spirit of the old pagans, as we suggest that the fall equinox is a prime time for a magic mushroom or truffle trip. Centered around an appreciation for nature and sharing it with friends and family, a little psychedelic trip could be just the thing to both increase your awareness and understanding as well as harnessing the natural energies associated with an equinox and the power of the sun.

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