New website launched

A new beginning

wow.. it took more time than we thought and hoped.. But it was all worth it. The new website was released, and ready to shine. Wholecelium version 5.0 already, since 2010. Or actually 6.0, because between 2005 and 2010 we were named Mush-e-Mart, and that had only 1 site. From this new starting point, we’ll be able to implement new features all the time. It’s the most stable website so far, and is a long time release. We’re very excited.

Better user experience ?

we hope you’ll love the changes we’ve implemented. The overall look & feel and navigation seems much cleaner to us than before. Also the site is finally responsive for mobile; which is actually nothing to be proud of, since that should have happened way earlier .. but anyway, that worx.. and 50% are visiting on mobile.

Feedback please 🙂

we value your opinion and would love to hear what you think. what do you like or dislike about the site? What needs to be added or changed maybe? All feedback is welcome, no matter if technical, navigational, graphical, textual, or even eehm.. triptual (is that a word?). ps: even a simple “i love it” or “i dont love it” is valuable feedback too. thanxx ❤
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