Denver votes for decriminalization of magic mushrooms

Denver votes for decriminalization of magic mushrooms Denver is the first US city to vote for legalization of psilocybin, the active compound in our beloved magic mushrooms. The initiative, led by Decriminalize Denver, passed by 1,979 votes Decriminalization led by a slim 51% It was really tight, cause 89,320 people voted in favor of decriminalizing, while […]

The difference between Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles

Difference of magic truffles and magic mushrooms Quite often we get the question “what exactly is the difference between magic mushrooms and magic truffles”, and is there really a difference? Truffles and mushrooms are both alive within the fungi kingdom; however they grow in difference places and look quite different. But are magic truffles and magic mushrooms really different, […]

Can magic mushrooms treat depression?

If you think of magic mushrooms or LSD, it is likely that research and a group of scientists does not come to mind. Psychedelic drugs tend to be more associated with hippies and the counterculture of the 60s than white coat scientists doing clinical trials. But that could soon change: more and more researchers are […]

Everything about Bad Trips

Psychedelic emergency work at festivals Interview with an expert: Like all psychedelics, mushrooms can induce states of pure ecstasy and bliss – but they can also cause less pleasant experiences. The experience of feeling overwhelmed and anxious after taking a psychedelic substance is widely known a ‘bad trip’. Mika* is a volunteer at psychedelic emergency […]

Magic Truffles can help against cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are among the most painful experiences that humans can have. More painful than childbirth, kidney-stones and getting kicked in the balls. A cluster headache attack is so excruciatingly painful, that sufferers might end up banging their head to the wall, pulling out their hair, screaming and crying in agony. The experience has been […]

Microdosing Magic Truffles

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to psychedelic practices: microdosing. This trend is spreading fast, among psychonauts and non-psychonauts alike. Media attention for this phenomenon has also skyrocketed, so it’s very likely that you’re familiar with the term. You probably also know that microdosing on LSD is hot in Silicon Valley […]

Can you overdose on magic shrooms or magic truffles?

Tell your granny that you take magic truffles, and she will probably worry that you might die from an overdose. After all, the newspapers are full of horror-stories about people who take drugs and end up having their stomachs pumped in the hospital, or worse. Of course, you are well aware of the fact that […]

Quit smoking with magic mushrooms

Quit smoking with magic mushrooms Smoking tobacco is a vicious addiction that’s hard to break. Research points out that psilocybin – in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy – might help smokers to quit. Psilocybin seems to work on psychological mechanisms, stimulating healthier lifestyle choices. Interestingly, the level of meaningfulness of the psychedelic experience is related […]

Do you need a heating mat in summer?

Growing magic mushrooms in summer Growing magic mushrooms is possible in all seasons, as long as you keep an close eye on temperature ( and humidity). In summer it is possible that it gets real hot, almost too to hot grow ( magic) mushrooms. Please keep a close eye on your termomether. You can always […]

Valentines competition ’17 drawings

here’s the winners of the drawing contest thanxx a lot everyone. You’re awesome! 10 x  1st prize winners : you’re getting a free growkit shipped. 15 x  2nd prize winners : you’re getting a coupon per email. sooooo beautiful..our hearts are melting from cuteness. if you don’t see yours here on the page, we still want […]

How to make magic mushroom or magic truffle tea (lemon tek)

You might have heard before about “Lemon Tek” magic mushroom or magic truffel tea, but why would you consume them like this? You can also just eat them right? And how do you make shroom or truffle tea? Read more about magic mushroom and magic truffle tea here below, and see if this recipe becomes […]