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Can magic mushrooms treat depression?

If you think of magic mushrooms or LSD, it is likely that research and a group of scientists does not come to mind. Psychedelic drugs

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Everything about Bad Trips

Psychedelic emergency work at festivals Interview with an expert: Like all psychedelics, mushrooms can induce states of pure ecstasy and bliss – but they can

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Microdosing Magic Truffles

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to psychedelic practices: microdosing. This trend is spreading fast, among psychonauts and non-psychonauts alike. Media

Psychedelic Science & Studies

Quit smoking with magic mushrooms

Quit smoking with magic mushrooms Smoking tobacco is a vicious addiction that’s hard to break. Research points out that psilocybin – in combination with cognitive

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Do you need a heating mat in summer?

Growing magic mushrooms in summer Growing magic mushrooms is possible in all seasons, as long as you keep an close eye on temperature ( and


Valentines competition ’17 drawings

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