Microdosing for Alcoholism

Is microdosing the natural answer to Alcoholism? According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) nowhere on the planet consumes as much alcohol as Europe does. For most of us, social drinking is a relatively harmless pastime that we do with friends and family. This is not the case for some, the use of alcohol on […]

Microdosing For Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety on the rise, can microdosing be the answer? Social anxiety sits as the third most common mental disorder in parts of the western world. Therefore, better solutions and understanding are needed in the wake of rising mental epidemics across the globe. There has been a good deal of research over the last decade […]

Microdosing against Burnouts

New solutions needed for increased stress in the workplace Between climate and economic crisis that we face, there is a growing mental health crisis that isn’t being properly treated. Record rates of anxiety and depression are going up every month. Not just economically, but also physically and spiritually, individuals are seeing their stress take a […]