Panpsychism: Your New Ancient Philosophy

Many psychedelic trippers have tales of when they felt the world around them had feelings. Chatting to trees, making friends with rocks— just interacting with the world as an equal, as though friend or family. Some people may dismiss this as just an amusing effect of psychedelics, however, for others it is a life-altering moment. […]

Top 5 Psychedelic Masterpieces

Since lockdown began you may have invested your days in creative projects. Found some dusty old paints and dried out pens and made something beautiful to pass the hours inside. In this unprecedented moment, we are spending more time with ourselves than ever, with less distractions. Discovering your creative side, or strengthening it if you […]

Microdosing to Manage ADHD

The wave of interest in microdosing psychedelics to treat cognitive disorders (such as depression, PTSD, OCD etc) shows no sign of stopping. Now in the frame is ADHD as the latest condition that could be managed with this technique, specifically psilocybin as the microdose of choice.  ADHD is a condition that is typically associated with […]

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Stoned Ape Theory’

Terence Mckenna hypothesis

Today we know more than we ever did about human evolution. That we are distantly related to fungi, that early mammals survived while the dinosaurs perished, and— thanks to Darwin, our monkey Uncles. However, how early humans developed consciousness remains shrouded in mystery. There are of course, many theories. One that has been recently revisited […]

Top 5 Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms are having a moment. With over 5.1 million known species of fungi in the world, you would figure that some might be useful to us humans. Happily, useful is an understatement. There are many types of mushrooms that have miraculous health benefits. Many of these have been known for millennia by Eastern medical practitioners. […]

Legalisation of Psychedelics: The Wave is Coming

The status of psychedelics is at a tipping point. Especially in the case of magic mushrooms. Various American cities are on the verge of, or have already achieved the decriminalisation of fungi-based psychedelics.  Research projects that focus on the medical benefits of psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) are being given the green light, […]

Top 5 Ways to Stay Centred in Lockdown

The past couple of months have turned many people’s lives upside down. You may be in total quarantine, ‘intelligent’ lockdown, or social isolation mode. Whatever your circumstance, you’ve had to adapt to changes that may be less than ideal, changes you would never have considered possible last year! As time has passed you may have […]

Witches, Visions, Revolution: How Psychedelics Shape History

Now time for a quick history lesson! But do not fear, this is not a normal quarantine home-school session…THIS is a psychedelic home-school session. Last week we celebrated bicycle day, which commemorates the first intentional LSD trip and discovered by Albert Hofmann in 1943. The LSD Hofmann tripped on came from a substance called ergot. […]

Magic Mushroom Based Company Receives $80 Million Investment

A British start up company has hit the headlines for raising $80 million to fund their research into psilocybin based treatment for depression. This is a breakthrough in the use of the magic mushroom extract for therapeutic purposes.   The exploration of psilocybin and other psychedelics for medical treatments began in the late 1950s. Despite positive […]

5 Times Walt Disney was a Psychedelic Master

Walt Disney films are, for many, a cornerstone of childhood. In fact, so much have they seeped into popular culture, that these animations that once thrilled and amazed viewers, have become almost like pastel-coloured wallpaper. However, if we brush the princesses aside for a moment, we are left with a boundary breaking legacy. Part of […]

Psychedelic Microdosing for OCD

Microdosing psychedelics for OCD

Current microdose research supports evidence that psilocybin helps to treat OCD symptoms. Research claims that sufferers who microdose can better cope with their symptoms and more easily manage their day to day. We’re here to explore how microdosing can have a positive impact with people who have OCD.  OCD: A Global Issue Obsessive Compulsive Disorder […]

Bicycle Day: Celebrating the Birth of LSD

This year, on April 19th, marks the 77th anniversary of a day that has come to be known as Bicycle Day. However, it is not a cyclist’s convention, nor a day of worship for the two wheeled vehicle. Bicycle Day actually marks the first intentional LSD trip ever taken, which featured— you guessed it— a […]