“Breakthrough” Psilocybin compound fast-tracked by FDA

FDA gives psilocybin a major boost The process of having a new drug be approved is understandably slow but also quite frustrating, in rare form, the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) has granted a clinical trial on Psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance found in magic mushrooms and truffles alike, “breakthrough therapy” designation for the second […]

Johns Hopkins Medicine’s new multi-million psychedelic research centre opens!!

Johns Hopkins Medicine’s opens  psychedelic research center opens!! Since 2000, Johns Hopkins University has been carrying out psychedelic research in small increments but a recent spate of donations has allowed a new research centre to be opened. Focused on understanding and finding medical applications for psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms or LSD, this new […]

Let’s celebrate Autumn Equinox today: DISCOUNT weekend ( scroll below)

Equinox is today! September can be a busy period for the psychedelics amongst us, alongside 920, the Magic Mushroom Day, there is also the Autumn Equinox which falls on the morning of September 23rd, a time of great importance and heritage to many religions, sects and cults across the globe. As long as you’re in […]

International Peace Day: DISCOUNT weekend!

Who, What and Why; The International Peace Day Established by the UN General Assembly back in 1981, The International Day of Peace was created to recognise and celebrate the work and efforts of those across the globe that fight to promote peace and end conflicts. In 2001, the General Assembly further bolstered the purpose of […]

Magic Mushroom Day (20th September) * DISCOUNT COUPON below *

This is the big one, 920 is here! Magic Mushroom Day has arrived, 20th September; and in the spirit of the event we want to suggest some fun ways you could celebrate this mushroom-flavoured occasion with family and friends. Better known as “920” the relatively new event (circa 2015) seeks to champion and honour the […]

Get ready for a magical Halloween!

The spooky-month is upon us people and it’s another great opportunity for a trip as well as some history with october ramping up to its grand finale of trick or treating, costumed parties and a general sense of ne’er-do-wellian behaviour. But where did ‘Halloween’ come from? What is Halloween. Where did it come from? In […]

How to make Lemon TEK (Technique)

Love magic mushrooms but hate the taste? Lemon TEK is here!  Lemon TEK is a super simple recipe that gets the most out of your fresh magic truffles. Most importantly, it covers up the earthy, bitter flavor that’s an acquired taste. Compared to chewing on mushrooms, the Lemon TEK brings a stronger yet shorter trip. […]

Magic mushroom grow kits: difference between the GO-kit and the X-kit

In our webshop we sell many different grow kits, the X kit and the GO kit are both smaller grow kits, however they are still a bit different. Both grow kits are already incubated and contain mycelium and from there psilocybe cubensis shrooms will grow. You can buy the growkits in many sub species like McKennai, Mexican, Golden […]

Raiding Area 51! Psilocybin

CONTEST: Raiding Area 51 on Psilocybin Okay, we’re all asking: “what is area 51?” “Are there aliens in Area 51?” “Is it legal to go are 51?” “Are UFOs real?”   More then a million people are determined to find out! The Facebook event has organized a raid on the ultra secret Area 51: which […]

New website launched

A new beginning wow.. it took more time than we thought and hoped.. But it was all worth it. The new website was released, and ready to shine. Wholecelium version 5.0 already, since 2010. Or actually 6.0, because between 2005 and 2010 we were named Mush-e-Mart, and that had only 1 site. From this new starting […]