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Should You Be Stacking Your Microdose with Other Supplements?

When it comes to microdosing, you might think you have it down pat. You’ve chosen your protocol, the amount you microdose to the nearest 0.1g, what days work best for you, and all that psilocybin jazz. But there’s a hot new trend coming that’s popping off in the microdosing world — and that’s stacking your microdose with other non-psychoactive supplements.

Chris Rock Wants You To Know He Loves Psychedelics

Chris Rock is garnering clicks again, and luckily this time it’s not for being slapped at an awards ceremony. Before that fateful whack in the chops, the esteemed comedian was deep in a different conversation.

How To Stay Curious With Psilocybin

As the old phrase goes, ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ Apparently, from this we supposed to infer that the unlucky feline in question poked its nose too far into things that it shouldn’t have — and ended up dead. A grave warning for anyone who may dare to go a-thinkin’ outside of the box, exploring new fields, or grappling with fresh knowledge.

Conquering Your Fear of Death Using Shrooms and Magic Truffles

Are you ready to meet your Maker?

If you answered yes, then you may be one of a select few. The ease and comfort of modern life has made it tricky for us to talk about, much less face, the inevitability of death. Who has ever managed to elude the Grim Reaper? One can merely delay it at best. Dying is, after all, the one rule that binds every living thing on Earth.

9/20: A Day In The Life Of A Magic Mushroom

Mushrooms. They just appear don’t they? Sprouting from the damp autumn ground, or your newly purchased grow kit. So convenient, so easy — whether psychedelic or simply delicious, they’re always on hand to make life a bit more groovy.

Shroomtember: A Look Back at a Year of Magic

As the leaves begin to turn the fiery hues of Autumn, and the slight chill has you swapping flip-flops for fuzzy socks, it’s that time again! Shroomtember — when our fungi friends start sprouting forth from the earth.

Accessing The Flow State With Psilocybin

It is very likely that you have experienced a flow state at some point in your life. Even if you didn’t realize exactly what it was, the sensation — that of complete connection between body and mind, heightened concentration and focus, as if time has slowed down and nothing else matters — that is the much desired flow state.

3 Of The Most Exciting Upcoming Microdosing Studies

We love to keep up to date with all the advances in psychedelic research. Whether its studies that show that psilocybin is more effective than the standard Big Pharma anti-depressant, or others that investigate the usage of psilocybin to treat the burnout suffered by our essential healthcare workers, it’s all a fascinating ride into the future of mental healthcare.

New Study Shows Psilocybin May Possibly Cure Alcoholism

The most prolific serial killer in America is still at large. There’s a name for it. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) kills roughly 95,000 Americans each year as a result of binge-drinking or liver damage. 
Previous research has shown Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), also known as acid, to be effective in curbing alcohol cravings when taken alongside talk therapy.

Oakland Church Sues Cops : “Psilocybin Mushrooms Are Our Sacrament”

The best psychedelic trips are said to make you see God. But what if we told you that there’s a real-world church out there that uses this idea? Can you imagine shrooms, magic truffles, or weed as not just tools for a psychedelic awakening — but rather as “sacraments” to be eaten in urban religious ceremonies?