In fact, it’s kind of like the mushroom New Year, starting afresh, beginning again. With 9/20 (the shroom-fans equivalent of 4/20) coming up, it’s a good time to take stock, and look back at all of the magical mushroom news we’ve covered over the past year, since the last Shroomtember! 

There’s been scientific research, legislation changes, future predictions, and psychedelic celebrity tell-alls. We love to reminisce, so we’ve gone back to revisit some of our favorite shroom content. This 9/20, why not hunker down and reminisce with us? It might inspire you to get trippy yourself!

Why Mushrooms Are The Future of Space Exploration

In November we learnt that mushrooms could be the future of space exploration! We reported on an interview with mycology maestro Paul Stamets in which he revealed he has been working with NASA in the brand-spanking new field of Astromycology! It seems that mushrooms could be key in many areas of space exploration including the growing of food, creating sustainable building materials and even helping astronauts psychologically (yes we DO mean tripping in space!)

Univ. of Washington to Test Psilocybin for Healthcare Workers’ Burn-out

In January we reported that the University of Washington was gearing up to test psilocybin as a treatment for healthcare worker’s burn-out. It was heartening news, especially after the extra strain that the COVID-19 pandemic had thrust upon them. It could certainly be more effective than a round of applause. The University, in collaboration with Toronto-based psychedelics company Cybin, had recruited 30 healthcare workers as part of the placebo controlled trial.  

The Apps Designed for Psychedelic Trips

In February we learnt there really is an app for everything, as we delved into the many apps designed to enhance the psychedelic experience. There were apps to help with your microdose routine, such as There were apps to guide you through a trip, such as Psychedev and Homecoming. Other apps like The Fireside Project could help you during a tricky trip, and some like Hypnoglyph and Fraksyl were just there to create psychedelic treats for your eyes.

Everything You Need to Know About Set and Setting

In March we delved into the essential psychedelic tenet of Set and Setting. Key to having an enjoyable and safe trip, we learnt about its origins and popularization by psychedelic heavyweight Timothy Leary. We also laid out just how you can achieve the perfect set and setting for your trip. This is essential reading if you plan to embark on a magic mushroom adventure.


Study Shows Psilocybin Can Relieve Major Depression For a Year

Still in March, we jumped for joy as a life-changing paper was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology by Johns Hopkins researchers. The researchers in question found that under the right conditions psilocybin-assisted therapy could relieve the symptoms of major depression for up to a year! This finding looks set to change the possibilities of mental health treatment forever. Founding director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, Roland Griffiths stated;

“Psilocybin not only produces significant and immediate effects, it also has a long duration, which suggests that it may be a uniquely useful new treatment for depression.

“Compared to standard antidepressants, which must be taken for long stretches of time, psilocybin has the potential to enduringly relieve the symptoms of depression with one or two treatments.”

Which Microdosing Method is For You?

In May we asked that very modern question — which microdosing method is for you? Laying out our favorite protocols we looked into the benefits of each varying practice. From the Fadiman, to the Intuitive method, it turns out there’s a way for everyone to get in on all the benefits microdosing provides. This Shroomtember why not refresh your knowledge?

Rick Doblin’s Predictions for a Psychedelic Future

In June we heard founder of MAPS, Rick Doblin’s predictions for a psychedelic future. These included the continued breakthrough of psychedelic treatments, with MDMA treatment for veterans leading the charge. Doblin also forecasted that within a few years clinics may offer psychedelic treatments alongside more traditional ones. And, looking even further into the mists of the future he pondered if we may end up with something similar to a ‘driver’s license’ — but for the use of psychedelics. Fascinating stuff!

Comedian Jon Stewart Binges on Shrooms For a Week Before a Set

In July Comedian John Steweart revealed he goes IN on magic mushrooms in the lead up to a set. Joining the growing list of psychedelic-positive celebs he told the podcast ‘Til This Day’; 

“…I got to the point where I could do [magic] mushrooms for a week and wake up and go onstage, and to the audience, I got to be a good enough craftsman that it could forgive my imperfections to an audience.”

With every celebrity who bigs up their psychedelic use the more people will consider it as a real option. Long may it continue! 

In Memoriam: Ann Shulgin

In July we also mourned the passing of the surviving half of the First Couple of Psychedelics. Ann Shulgin, wife of late psychedelic-science pioneer Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin passed away aged 91. A driving force in the development of psychedelic-assisted therapy and author and co-author of many essential books and papers, Ann’s legacy will live on. 

10 Summer Movies To Watch While Tripping

We took our foot off the gas for a minute in high summer and hashed out our favorite summer movies to watch while tripping. A bit of light-hearted fun, from Moana to Life of Pi there was something for everyone, regardless of their dosage, experience and taste. 

The Mysterious Link Between Psychedelics and Extra-Sensory Perception

In August we were on the trail of the mysterious link between extra-sensory perception and psychedelics. Getting kooky, we explored the link between telepathy and psychedelics, MK-Ultra’s nefarious mind control projects and the concept of ‘grokking’. Aldous Huxley’s Doors of Perception got a revisit, and we began to believe that perhaps anything is possible when it comes to the powers of psychedelics.

New Study Shows Psilocybin May Possibly Cure Alcoholism

Just this month, our minds were blown yet again with a new study that found that psilocybin could possibly cure alcoholism. The exciting new findings could change the lives of the millions suffering from alcohol addiction. Not to mention their families and loved ones who suffer too. The study’s authors stated;

“In this randomized clinical trial of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy treatment for AUD, psilocybin treatment was associated with improved drinking outcomes during 32 weeks of double-blind observation.”

(To translate: Yep the forecast looks good!)

So, Happy Shroomtember! Whether spiritual, scientific, or showbizzy, may the mushroom madness continue! We will be keeping you up to date every step of the way...

And, in the meantime check of our Day in the Life of a Magic Mushroom video. It’s a 9/20 classic! 😜