Get ready for a magical Halloween!

The spooky-month is upon us people and it’s another great opportunity for a trip as well as some history with october ramping up to its


Raiding Area 51! Psilocybin

CONTEST: Raiding Area 51 on Psilocybin Okay, we’re all asking: “what is area 51?” “Are there aliens in Area 51?” “Is it legal to go


Valentines competition ’17 drawings

here’s the winners of the drawing contest thanxx a lot everyone. You’re awesome! 10 x  1st prize winners : you’re getting a free growkit shipped.


New website launched

A new beginning wow.. it took more time than we thought and hoped.. But it was all worth it. The new website was released, and ready


Psychedelic Lifestyle Culture

A Tripper’s Menu

Tripping on shrooms is not generally associated with a big appetite. As we recommend taking them on an empty stomach

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Psychedelic Science & Studies

Microdosing to Treat PTSD

Is microdosing psilocybin right for you?   Current microdose research supports evidence that psilocybin can help treat PTSD symptoms. Research claims

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