Magic Truffles in Canada

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For Canada, we ship: fresh Magic TrufflesPsilocybin MicrodosePandora’s Box Truffle kits, and Magic Mushroom Grow kits.

Shroom Culture in Canada

With Canada decriminalizing cannabis, public acceptance of psilocybin is slowly becoming the new mainstream. Psychedelic microdosing has increased in Canadian life, and as a result, online magic mushroom dispensaries are also popping up.  

Psilocybin culture in Canada is gaining its momentum. 

For example, Canadian public health advisors are justifying the medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms and magic truffles. It’s no wonder that the discussion of psilocybin is being taken more seriously! 

There have been many talks on how & when Canada will decriminalize psilocybin. We recommend to our Canadian friends to seek support in their community and mimic the same formula for how cannabis was legalized.


We ship magic truffles to Canada. We make sure that we send discreetly and that the process is as efficient as possible. 

Before ordering at our shop, we recommend you to read up on your local laws in Canada. For more information, please learn here

With that said, we have great shipping success to Canada.

Better than meeting your shroom guy in the streets. The packages for our magic mushroom grow kits and magic truffle kits are discreet. 

Our truffles are vacuum sealed, which make them safe from contamination during overseas shipping. The potency also stays as how you would expect it from us.

Compared to other mushroom dispensaries  in Canada, our magic mushroom grow kits are easier to use, with competitive rates. We’ve been a reliable source worldwide for 15+ years :-).

We ship magic truffles all over Canada. From: Canada East to Canada West, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ontario and everything in between!  

Shipping from Wholecelium to Canada can take up to 7-14 days.

You can purchase ready to eat fresh magic truffles (15 grams), Pandora’s Box magic truffle kit, psilocybin microdose, and mycelium grow kits

The mycelium grow kit means no spores needed, no inoculation, and less chances of contamination or failure. We’ve done all the hard work for you ;-).   

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