How to make Lemon TEK (Technique)

Love magic mushrooms but hate the taste? Lemon TEK is here! 

The super simple recipe can get both the most out of your mushrooms or truffles and more importantly cover up that earthy fungal-flavour which is somewhat of an acquired taste we find. According to trippers and psychonauts across the globe, this TEK can significantly enhance the strength and intensity of your trip, however some state that is just brings on your trip sooner. So if you’re looking for a stronger trip, or perhaps you don’t want to be tripping the whole day? This recipe comes in handy and either way and is a must try for experienced trippers!

How Lemon TEK works?

We think of magic mushrooms as psilocybin mushrooms, but this active compound is not what makes you trip technically, at least not in this form.To produce the mind bending effects mushrooms give, the psilocybin has to be broken down into another compound, psilocin, this reaction normally takes place in your stomach acid. Can you see where we’re going with this? The lemon juice, being naturally acidic, acts like a surrogate for your stomach and begins the process of breaking down psilocybin into its more usable form. By taking this workload off the stomach the mixture of mushroom powder and lemon juice is absorbed into the body more quickly, inducing a trip of greater strength that will also begin faster. Essentially what is happening is that your trip is being squeezed into a smaller time-frame, forgoing the slower natural build up and come down of magic mushrooms.

How to make Lemon TEK?

Step 1 – Choose if you want to use shrooms/ truffles; choose your dose
Step 2 – Grind them into as fine a powder as you can
Step 3 – Place desired amount into a cup
Step 4 – Squeeze fresh lemon juice over powder, only enough to cover
Step 5 – Mix the juice and powder
Step 6 – Leave to sit for up to 20 minutes, stirring every 4-5
Step 7 – Down the drink in one or add a splash of water to dilute
Step 8 – Enjoy!!

What is your favorite shroom recipe? 

Have you ever made Lemon Tek? How did you like it? Or do you have other yummy recipe’s? Let us know in the comments.

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