I creativi che fanno musica con i funghi

That magic mushrooms intensify the experience of listening to music is no secret. Most shroom-heads have a favorite record or playlist to trip along to. And, there are many iconic records that have their reputation as a psychedelic soundtrack baked in — such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon.  Not to rest on […]

Funghi magici in Nuova Zelanda

New Zealand remains trapped in the imaginations of many as the epic scenery from that lil’ trilogy you may have heard of — The Lord of the Rings. Yes, Peter Jackson’s adaptation of Tolkien’s masterpiece showed off the incredible landscape of a country previously known mainly for being friendly, amazing at rugby, and full of […]

"Come cambiare idea" di Netflix porta la terapia con la psilocibina nel mainstream

You’ve been hearing a lot about psychedelic-assisted therapy in the past year or so. But, have you ever seen it put to use in real-life medical situations? No-holds-barred, warts and all, with the promise of changing your life forever? A new four-part documentary series on Netflix plans to do just that for modern audiences. Called […]

L'intelligenza artificiale alimentata con immagini psichedeliche genera immagini DMT

The visuals that accompany a psychedelic trip are a key part of the experience. Even those who’ve never had the pleasure know where those swirling, whirling, morphing fractals embedded in our cultural consciousness emanate from. Breathing walls, trailing lights, objects melting and drifting, color switching, faces appearing from the dark. These are experiences humans have […]

In memoriam: La pioniera della psichedelia Ann Shulgin

La scorsa settimana, il 9 luglio 2022, si è spenta Ann Shulgin, la metà superstite della Prima Coppia degli psichedelici. Insieme al marito Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin, Ann ha fatto parte di un team pionieristico che ha esplorato e fatto progredire la causa psichedelica a livello scientifico, terapeutico e spirituale. Sebbene sia comunemente ricordata per il lavoro che [...]

Il comico Jon Stewart si fa di funghetti per una settimana prima del set

If there’s one piece of evidence that the psychedelic renaissance is well and truly upon us, it’s how more and more celebrities have “come out” with tales of tripping out — without fear of getting cancelled.  Take pop star Miley Cyrus, for example, whose trips on Salvia changed her life for the better; boxing champion […]

In primo piano: il fungo Maitake

Now, although we officially favor mushrooms of the ‘magic’ variety, we are big fans of fungi in all its forms. Each little mushroom has countless good qualities and health benefits worth writing home about! Our fascination with fungi shows no sign of abating the more we learn about these medical marvels!  What Is Maitake?  And, […]

La moglie di un senatore canadese gli ha dato segretamente la psilocibina per la sua depressione

Al recente Catalyst Psychedelics Summit di Kingston, Ontario, il senatore canadese Larry Campbell ha fatto un'ammissione controversa. La maggior parte del suo discorso si è concentrata sulla sua ex posizione di sindaco di Vancouver, sul suo periodo come poliziotto e sul ruolo che ha svolto nella riforma della droga. Tuttavia, le sue osservazioni conclusive sono uscite fuori dal campo. [...]