How Ibogaine Changes Lives

How Ibogaine Changes Lives The boundless potential of psychedelics, in the realm of healthcare and healing, has seldom been out

Mixing Shrooms and Marijuana

Mixing Shrooms and Marijuana To many, magic mushrooms and marijuana seem like natural bedfellows. ‘Natural’ being the operative word. These

The Magic Mushroom Glossary

The Magic Mushroom Glossary Drugs and psychoactive substances elicit many nicknames, codes and phrases. The reason for this is down

Lemon TEK vs Shroom Tea

Lemon TEK vs Shroom Tea. ‘What is the difference?!’ I hear you shout. Or, maybe you are outraged that I

The Fungus with 23,000 Sexes

Dating can be difficult. Especially during lockdown. One organism that probably does not understand the struggle however, is a fungus

Top 5 Animals That Get High

Since the beginning of life on Earth there have been mind-altering substances. And a result, there have been creatures getting

How To Be A Trip Sitter

A psychedelic journey can be a defining moment in a person’s life. They can discover more about themselves, transcend their

How to Make Chocolate Mushrooms

The ChocoTrips Recipe is Chocolate with Fresh Magic Truffles Wholecelium brings you: ChocoTrips! A nutty, fudgey, wholesome goodness made with fresh

Microdosing and Weight Loss

Psilocybin research continues apace. Boosted by its FDA fast-track to a prescription drug for psychedelic-assisted therapy; there is much hype

Microdosing to Manage ADHD

The wave of interest in microdosing psychedelics to treat cognitive disorders (such as depression, PTSD, OCD etc) shows no sign

Microdosing psychedelics for OCD

Psychedelic Microdosing for OCD

Current microdose research supports evidence that psilocybin helps to treat OCD symptoms. Research claims that sufferers who microdose can better

The Truth About Ego Death

‘Ego death’ is something that is often name checked in psychonaut communities, forums, and message boards. However, it is starting

A Tripper’s Menu

Tripping on shrooms is not generally associated with a big appetite. As we recommend taking them on an empty stomach

Microdosing for Alcoholism

Is microdosing the natural answer to Alcoholism? According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) nowhere on the planet consumes as

Microdosing for Depression

Microdosing for depression is a reason why psychedelics are becoming widely accepted. Next to anxiety, depression is the leading epidemic