Not feeling the effects of magic truffles?

Why aren’t my shrooms working?

There are various reasons why you are not feeling the effects of magic truffles/ shrooms. Firstly, it could be that you consumed the truffles on a full stomach. We recommend taking them on an empty stomach to achieve the best results. 

A question of tolerance

Additionally, if you are a seasoned tripper, it could be that your tolerance is higher than the dosage you took. Tolerance can build quickly— if taking truffles for the second day in a row, for example, the second trip may already be less intense. It is good to know your different types of truffles! Some, such as our Qubit or Maakali, are far more potent than strains such as our Tampenesis or Mexicanas. See what suits you! For more information check out our Magic Truffles Guide! 

The cross-psychedelic phenomenon

Lastly, another reason for a less intense trip, could be cross-tolerance of psychedelics. This is a phenomenon that can occur if you use other substances like LSD or peyote. By building tolerance of one, as a result, it may affect your reaction to the other. All of these elements could contribute to why you may not be feeling the effects of magic truffles!

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