Wholecelium Organic Farming


For over 15 years, we at Wholecelium have exclusively focused on providing the highest quality of magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits from the farm to your doorstep. Our goal for you has always been dedicating our resources to research the best and most natural developing process for our psilocybin products. We believe in bringing our knowledge and information to you with transparency <3. 

Our mycological farm is tucked away in the green lands of Holland. There we exclusively integrate years of customer feedback, research, as well as health and food safety standards into the cultivation process. We currently provide vacuum sealed magic truffles, magic truffle kits (Pandora’s Box), and magic mushroom grow kits. 

Organic Magic Truffles 

Our organic farming methods combine the latest techniques in clean science and letting Mother Nature take its natural course as much as possible. Our magic truffles are 100% free of pesticides – we do NOT add any artificial substances harmful to consume. We adhere to preventative measures from bacterial contamination, like maintaining a clean farm, using working gloves and masks, and dedicated isolated rooms for development. The magic truffles are grown in organic, nutritional, and biodegradable grains known as substrate. These organic grains are wholesome, moist nutrients for the mycelium of the magic truffles to cultivate. The substrate is inoculated with a certified and excellent standard of mycelium culture. They are naturally processed during the incubation period, in sterilized areas where temperatures are custom made to prevent contamination, and help the colonization process from the mycelium.  

We continue our natural developing process in the harvesting and packaging process. We individually hand pick each scloertium from the grains. Since the biodegradable grains have been organically fermented, they are reused and easily consumed as nutrients for our Dutch green lands. We then vacuum-seal our truffles, much like how we package vegetables and fruit. Based on extensive research, this is the most sustainable and optimized method for our magic truffles to survive transportation conditions and allow them to “breath” as the natural organisms they are. 

Organic Mushroom Kits  

We strive to not only deliver easy to grow magic mushroom kits, but also the most natural. Wholecelium’s magic mushroom grow kits are produced with 100% certified organic and non-GMO ingredients. Meaning, it gives you the peace of mind that your grow kits will produce the cleanest yields. We prepare high quality substrate and fresh mycelium spawn for your little mushroom friends to grow in. We use the best substrate made of asbestos free, organic vermiculite sourced from local mining caves in mainland Europe. The vermiculite is lightweight, the perfect particle size to retain nutrients and water. It is mixed with organic, non-GMO coco-coir: rot resistant and biodegradable material from coconut husks.   

Together, the coco-coir and vermiculite provide the perfect environment for our grade quality mycelium to colonize. Most importantly, it is biodegradable. We have mastered the mix of coco-coir and vermiculite so that it can absorb and retain clean water & nutrients that we personally provide.   

Our pasteurization process is the only time we use clean science, in order to prevent bacterial contamination. We do not use any artificial substances or pesticides for pasteurization. We simply modify the temperatures so we reduce competitive, bad bacteria and give our inoculation period a head start! 


As Wholecelium continues to grow, we are actively researching how to reduce waste while naturally cultivating psilocybin products for you :-]. In the process, we have developed strategies to reduce less climatic spaces, less transport, utilizing recycled packaging paper, and as a result, reducing CO2 emissions.   

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