Top 5 Tasty Ways To Enjoy Shrooms and Truffles

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How was your Mother’s Day weekend? Were you treated to any tasty home cooking? Of course, it’s one thing to gobble up pastries baked lovingly by Mum, and quite another to attempt to bake ‘em yourself (we can’t all be Jamie Oliver). But, in the spirit of kitchen magic and any leftover magic mushrooms and truffles from the spring sale… Why not explore a few nifty new ways to enjoy your psilocybin? Although munching them raw always does the job, why not try a different method? Just in time to gallivant on “Eat What You Want Day” (May 11th) — we’ve listed our top 5 ways to enjoy magic mushrooms and truffles, that will also bring a tingle to your tastebuds.

Salivating already? Lets go!

Psychedelic Shakes

First up, we got Shamrock Shakes with a psychedelic twist! 

Milkshakes are one of the best inventions in history. Slurp a cold one down on a sunny day… Nothing quite like it! Classic milkshake flavours include everything from strawberry to Oreo — but this peppermint shake takes it one step further with chopped magic truffles. This green shroomy delight uses 30 grams of Qubit truffles infused in 240 ml of milk (or plant-based alternative). Not only is it a trippy way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, this psychedelic shake can give you a sugar high like no other. It’s a burst of psilocybin — with ice cream and sprinkles! What more could you ask for?

For the full swirly Psychedelic Shamrock Shakes recipe, you can check out our easy-to-follow blog.

Magic Mushroom Milk

Have you tried our easy magic mushroom milk recipe? Some nights, you just wanna stay in and get cosy (not like lockdown gave us a choice anyway). Wear your fuzziest sweater, snuggle up with a good book and a cup of warm magic mushroom milk — and you’ll be floating on a cloud!

Warm milk isn’t just a comforting. This old-school treat also has B Vitamins that can help combat stress. But did you also know that psilocybin can also relieve anxiety? That’s right. So why not add some chopped truffles to some warmed milk to truly max-out your chill points? You can choose cow’s milk (either full-fat or skim) or vegan with oat, soy, or almond milk. The creaminess is all that matters… for a truly dreamy psychedelic cup! Mmm…

Iced Magic Mushroom Tea

For all of you in warmer climates, why not enjoy a nice cold glass of iced magic mushroom tea? This zesty treat is sure to bring sweet relief to the heat. We took a hint from the classic Southern Sweet Tea (black tea, some citrus, a loada sugar), and made it our own. Iced magic mushroom tea is still psychedelic, but rather more chilled… It’s a mellow high rather than a trippy one. Perfect for an afternoon tea party with friends, with a twist!

Yep, iced tea is trippier than water! And it quenches your thirst — important when on shrooms… Of course, you can buy pre-packaged iced tea at the supermarket. But nothing beats making your own — complete with your choice of tea, fruit (lemon, lime, peach, pineapple?!) and mushies or truffles. There’s magic to the creative process, and the rewards are worth it.

Iced Shroom Tea Recipe 

Magic Mushroom Chocolates

Valentine’s Day may have been and gone, but it’s always a good day to share the fuzzy wuzzies. Show your loved ones just how much you care with a box of magic mushroom chocolates! These trippy nuggets of cocoa are incredibly easy to make. Just follow our ChocoTrips* recipe blog right here.

For those of us with a sweet tooth, a romance with chocolate is a life-long affair. The only treat for special moments. Some newer (or even experienced) psychonauts don’t love the taste of magic truffles — a heavy drizzle of chocolate can help mask their earthy “nuttiness”. (And if you’re feelin’ extra Willy Wonka, you can also add some crushed nuts, lemon zest, or mint.) 

*To keep ‘em trippy, don’t forget to cool down the chocolate before tossing in your magic truffles

Lemon TEK

Finally, for the much-loved (and simplest) way to enjoy your magic mushrooms and truffles (that’s not eating ’em raw), check out our easy breezy Lemon TEK recipe. This is a tried and true way to enjoy your mushies — without losing a bit of their trippy goodness. As a matter of fact, Lemon TEK actually speeds up the trip onset. Lemons virtually have the same pH level as your stomach. The lemony acid breaks down the psilocybin into its next stage, psilocin — cutting your waiting drastically. 

Do it right, and you may end up with an even stronger trip

Question: Are Shroomy Snacks: “Less Trippy” Than Raw Shrooms?

As a rule — yes. With the exception of Lemon TEK, coz the lemon acid actually enhances the “trippy” aspect of psilocybin. When we prepare shrooms and truffles with loads of other ingredients, it naturally softens the psychedelic effects. But not every trip has to be to outer space! Sometimes a mellower trip is just the ticket — especially when it starts with a lovingly prepared shroomy beverage or choco-treat It’s Eat What You Want Day after all!

For some more deetz on how food affects your trip onset, you can check our blog!

Eat What You Want Day!

Psychedelic shakes. 

Magic mushroom milk. 

Iced Magic mushroom tea. 

These are all just creative suggestions, of course. But since today marks the zany Eat What You Want Day in the US (any excuse for a holiday, eh?) When it comes to enjoying your fave snacks? The sky’s the limit. Eat shrooms raw, or with a rich, chocolatey twist. All up to you, foodie-o. Let no one rain on your parade! As culinary legend Julia Child once said:

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

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