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The ATLANTIS sclerotia magic truffle is the best truffle when you can't decide how 'far' you want to go. It has the most visuals and the deepest thoughts while tripping. It brings insights into your own forgotten unconscious world, hence the name. The Atlantis truffle was discovered in Fulton county, Georgia in the USA. This truffle is like a cousin of the Psilocybe Mexicana, but is far more potent than the Mexicana or the Pajaritos magic truffle.

Trip: A warm and relaxing body high. Rushes and waves you never felt before can be experienced. Connection with others and mother earth can be felt and often colorful visuals can occurs.

Dosage: ATLANTIS is a magic truffle for the slightly more experienced psychedelic adventurer.

All sorts of background information can be found in our WIKI > Manuals

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