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The HOLLANDIA sclerotia magic truffle is a relative new truffle and is the strongest magic truffle on earth. The truffle is twice as strong as the Mexicana truffle and sometimes people compare them with the well known magic mushroom. The visual trip is more colourful and you can even share one portion with the two of you. This magic truffle also has a less sour taste than the other truffles. As the name suggest, the Hollandia has been developed in the Netherlands, with a special technique. This special truffle is very potent.

Trip: The strong trip of the Hollandia truffle is very comparable to magic mushrooms in its visuals. Wonder around outside and get inspired by nature and expand your mind.

Dosage: HOLLANDIA is a magic truffle for the pros, and you need to come prepared. 5 - 10 grams: great laughs and fun, relaxing body high 15 grams: deeper, insightful trip, visual and colourful - deep insights, with the right dosage ego death can be experienced.

All sorts of background information can be found in our WIKI > Manuals

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(Pandora's) Magic Truffle kit

Unlike mushroom grow kits, the truffle kit does not need much attention.
It does not need a fridge, and it can wait at room-temperatures up to 6 weeks.
Just make sure the lid is still closed, so the truffles are kept in a sealed environment. Plus, the temperature of truffle storage is absolutely flexible!

All Natural Farming

Learn about our Psilocybin Truffles, Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits and Magic Truffle Kit farming/production methods.

Improving the natural development every year


For beginners, it is widely recommended to take about 5 grams of fresh magic truffles.

For regular dose, 10-15 grams is suitable.

For experienced users, 15-20 grams for a heavy trip.

For the real psychonauts, 35-45 grams as the highest level.     

15 grams is the amount we provide for our ready to eat truffles. Some people have higher tolerances and need more.

Keep in mind, dosages also have to do with weight and body mass of each person as well as the strength of the species. With our stronger species like QUBIT or MAAKALI, you can split one portion of 15 grams with multiple people.

Magic truffles contain the psychedelic active compound, psilocybin. This affects everyone differently.

It is based on:

  • individual experience
  • mindset
  • setting
  • dosage

Dosage is an important part of your hallucinogenic experience. Make sure to inform yourselves of the magic truffles you have purchased and its strength.

The strongest magic truffles we offer are QUBIT (handle with care). Our mild ones are MEXICANA (good for beginners and mild trippers).

If you’re still in doubt, you can contact our customer service. We’ll give you specific answers to your questions. 

Side effects of magic truffles vary by user, dosage, environment, and fungi species. 

The most common side effects create a trip and can include: 


  • Intense visual effects
  • Creativity 
  • Deep psychological insight
  • Positive feelings of wonder  
  • Warped perception of time and space 
  • Sharpened senses   
  • Feeling like you’re in a dream state 


  • Relaxed muscles 
  • Thirst 
  • Naseau 
  • Sensitive Stomach  
  • Large pupils

Keep in mind that your environment and state of mind will affect your trip. Sometimes a trip can become so intense, that you experience a heightened sense of anxiety and panic. 

Just remember that your psychedelic experience is only temporary (for several hours). 

On an empty stomach, chew the sclerotia very very well. That way, all the active substances are absorbed by your body. 

A more effective method is diluting your magic truffles in a nice cup of tea.

You can also mix it in with water/beer/wine for 1 hour and then consume your drink. Let that be your only glass of alcohol! Drunk trippers do stupid things! 

Over the years, there’ve been occasional incidents on the news about shrooms. Usually it was the result of consuming too much psilocybin with other drugs, like alcohol, MDMA, cocaine, etc. Never combine mind-altering substances together. 

Just remember that it’s better if your trip was too mild than if it would be too strong! There is always a next time to try. On that note, safe and fun tripping!