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The HOLLANDIA sclerotia magic truffle is a relative new truffle and is the strongest magic truffle on earth. The truffle is twice as strong as the Mexicana truffle and sometimes people compare them with the well known magic mushroom. The visual trip is more colourful and you can even share one portion with the two of you. This magic truffle also has a less sour taste than the other truffles. As the name suggest, the Hollandia has been developed in the Netherlands, with a special technique. This special truffle is very potent.

Trip: The strong trip of the Hollandia truffle is very comparable to magic mushrooms in its visuals. Wonder around outside and get inspired by nature and expand your mind.

Dosage: HOLLANDIA is a magic truffle for the pros, and you need to come prepared. 5 - 10 grams: great laughs and fun, relaxing body high 15 grams: deeper, insightful trip, visual and colourful - deep insights, with the right dosage ego death can be experienced.

All sorts of background information can be found in our WIKI > Manuals

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Magic Truffles or Sclerotium are psilocybin fungus grown underground and share the same effects/ingredients as magic mushrooms.

Classically known as “philosophers’ stones,” these hallucinogenics have been ranked as one of the safest drugs to consume, medically beneficial, and absolutely no potential for addiction.

These stones  give you psychedelic experiences filled with visuals, relaxation, creative and pensive thoughts

Magic truffles, likewise called psilocybin truffles,

are a class of psychedelic fungi containing the psychedelic particles (alkaloids) Psilocybin, Baeocystin and Psilocin. Magic truffles relate to the more widely known hallucinogen, magic mushrooms. While they both come from the same types of psychedelic fungi, Truffles are a dormant type of fungi, known as sclerotia, that store food reserves in a hardened mass till the environment is suitable for the growth of mushrooms.

Not all truffles are psychedelic.

Of the hundreds of species of fungis that produce truffles, fewer than a dozen also have psychedelic homes. Magic truffles are just magic because they contain the psychedelic particles psilocybin and psilocin. Some non-psychoactive truffles are a culinary delicacy: but the couple of species that are really yummy are likewise extremely difficult to farm, and have to be looked for in the wild.

Psychedelic truffles are much easier to grow and collect than culinary truffles.

Unlike cooking truffles, which are fragile and require really particular environmental conditions to grow, psychedelic truffles can be farmed and harvested in synthetic environments. A number of species of truffles are psychoactive. That is, they consist of the psychoactive particle psilocybin. These psychedelic truffles are known as magic truffles, or psychedelic truffles.

Anywhere with wet, marshy forest is a great bet; but any truffle hunter must have the ability to determine toxic types of fungi in addition to psilocybin-containing species. Just like the process of growing psilocybin mushrooms, psilocybin truffles can be grown in artificial environments. The strategy includes growing psilocybin mushroom spores in a wet, damp, sterilized environment, without enabling the environmental conditions to become beneficial for full mushroom development.

Because magic truffles contain precisely the same active ingredients

as magic mushrooms (generally psilocybin), the quality of the magic truffle trip is reported to be really comparable. Magic truffles can be consumed in various methods. They can be eaten fresh, brewed into a tea, or dried truffles can be loaded into capsules.

The ginger in the magic truffles tea also helps to settle the stomach, as some people can experience nausea from psilocybin truffles. The truffle tea likewise makes it practical for individuals to re-dose if required; a 2nd cup can be taken during the session. Magic Truffles’ results can be extreme.

Some individuals reach a new understanding

of their inner life or their outer world throughout the experience itself; for others, these customized insights dawn or establish later, with the help of reinterpretation and combination strategies. Throughout a psilocybin journey, rushes of feeling are particularly typical, including euphoria and a sense of total immersion in your surroundings.

Surface areas might establish swirling patterns. Your sense of self may even liquify completely as you end up being one with your surroundings: a process referred to as ego-Death. The colors you see may be brighter, more intense, or modification completely. Characters that are encountered in this modified state of awareness might change, handle new significances or identities; objects may feel different to touch.

As mentioned already, the effects are various for everybody, however what we often speak with users is that they normally feel content and typically burst into fits of laughter. If you desire the most out of your magic truffle experience, you ought to consume them on an empty stomach. Chew them well, so that specific compounds can become active.

Are you going to use truffles for the very first time?

If so, take about 7 to 10 grams. After gaining some experience, you can increase to a basic quantity in between 10 and 15 grams. Some other tips and warnings for usage: Do not take truffles if you are feeling worried, stressed out.

They are of course not called Magic Truffles for absolutely nothing. Truffles belong to Entheogenic substances. These representatives are understood to increase awareness and are typically used for relaxation and spiritual or mental purposes. About 50 minutes. after intake a real journey starts. The senses doubles and a warm feeling in your lower abdominal area begins to unwind.

A trip can last between 4 to 8 hours

and the impacts can be compared to those of the magic mushroom. The Magic Truffle (Psilocybin) becomes immediately after intake by the stomach transformed to Psilocin.
Psilocin is similar in composition to serotonin. This resemblance implies that serotonin receptors likewise react to Psilocin. Upon consumption of a magic truffle, Tsunamis of serotonin-like compounds are released into the cerebellum. Psilocin binds to the receptors, which in turn equates into the results explained above. You can take in truffles directly from the package.
To promote the result, it is extremely important to chew the truffles long and well before you swallow them. If you discover truffles unpleasant then you might likewise make tea from them. You do this by cutting the truffles into pieces and place them in a cup of warm water wait 20 minutes before drinking.

Magic truffles

Magic Truffles or Sclerotium are psilocybin fungus grown underground and share the same effects/ingredients as magic mushrooms.

Classically known as “philosophers’ stones,” these hallucinogenics have been ranked as one of the safest drugs to consume, medically beneficial, and absolutely no potential for addiction.

These stones  give you psychedelic experiences filled with visuals, relaxation, creative and pensive thoughts

All Natural Farming

Our natural farming methods combine the latest clean science techniques and let Mother Nature take its natural course as much as possible.

Our Truffles are 100% free of pesticides –. We adhere to preventative measures…


For beginners, it is widely recommended to take about 5 grams of fresh magic truffles.

For regular dose, 10-15 grams is suitable.

For experienced users, 15-20 grams for a heavy trip.

For the real psychonauts, 35-45 grams as the highest level.     

15 grams is the amount we provide for our ready to eat truffles. Some people have higher tolerances and need more.

Keep in mind, dosages also have to do with weight and body mass of each person as well as the strength of the species. With our stronger species like QUBIT or MAAKALI, you can split one portion of 15 grams with multiple people.

On an empty stomach, chew the sclerotia very very well. That way, all the active substances are absorbed by your body. 

A more effective method is diluting your magic truffles in a nice cup of tea.

You can also mix it in with water/beer/wine for 1 hour and then consume your drink. Let that be your only glass of alcohol! Drunk trippers do stupid things! 

Never combine mind-altering substances like MDMA, cocaine, ketamine together with magic truffles. 

Just remember that it’s better if your trip was too mild than if it would be too strong! There is always a next time to try. On that note, safe and fun tripping!   

If you consume magic truffles very often, you will quickly realize that the effects are less intense. This is because you may be tripping frequently and without breaks of at least 2 weeks.

This is because our bodies quickly build a tolerance towards magic truffles which makes the effect less intense. 

We recommend you wait at least 2 weeks before tripping again.  

Magic Truffles Effects & Tolerance 

Side effects of magic truffles vary by user, dosage, environment, and fungi species. 

The most common side effects create a trip and can include: 


  • Intense visual effects
  • Creativity 
  • Deep psychological insight
  • Positive feelings of wonder  
  • Warped perception of time and space 
  • Sharpened senses   
  • Feeling like you’re in a dream state  


  • Relaxed muscles 
  • Thirst 
  • Naseau 
  • Sensitive Stomach  
  • Large pupils 

Keep in mind that your environment and state of mind will affect your trip. Sometimes a trip can become so intense, that you experience a heightened sense of anxiety and panic. 

Just remember that your psychedelic experience is only temporary (for several hours). 

Unopened magic truffles: in the fridge, at 4° Celsius. 

After opening: in the fridge at 4° Celsius. Remove them from the vacuum seal and place them on top of  toilet paper or unbleached paper towel. The paper will absorb moisture from the fridge, and prevent water damage. 

Unopened magic truffles: -/+ 3 months in the fridge at 4° Celsius.

After opening: -/+ 3-4 weeks in the fridge at 4° Celsius. 

Warmer temperatures affect shelf life. ​In the summer, we recommend you order magic truffle kits (PANDORA’S BOX). These do not need to be stored in the fridge, and stay potent for several months.

Pandora’s Box Truffle Kit: outside fridge for 2 months. No need to put inside the fridge. 

We highly advise against freezing your magic truffles, because it loses a lot of potency and consistency.

Magic Truffles strength varies by strain and tolerance. Our webshop offers mild truffles like MEXICANA for relaxing trips and for beginners. Our strongest truffles are QUBIT and MAAKALI (handle with care).   

General rule, 1 portion of magic truffles = 15 grams. 

Some people have a very high tolerance and need more then 1 portion (this also has to do with weight and body mass of the person). 

If you purchase one of our stronger species, like MAAKALI, ALIEN, or QUBIT,  you can easily share 1 portion with 1 or 2 more people. Or, you can go into higher states if you eat the portion all by yourself.

Yes you can mix different magic truffles.

Psilocybin truffles have the psychoactive compounds: psilocin and psilocybin. Mixing different strains together means you can explore different range of trips. Some become more visual, or more philosophical, or more colorful. 

We do not recommend you mix your psilocybin truffles with other substances like MDMA,  cocaine, ketamine, etc. 

Vacuumed sealed magic truffles are air tight packages, used exactly like in the food industry. It makes it safe to transport, and most importantly prevents contamination of the truffles. 

With vacuum seal, our magic truffles can also be preserved for +/- 3 months, because the air tight packaging means less oxygen, and more carbon dioxide. These gas levels block from normal air and are called modified atmosphere conditions.  

Applying modified atmospheric conditions is a well established technique to pack vegetables and fruit, including mushrooms. Gas levels are created by natural means. Respiratory activity of the packed living products using oxygen and producing carbon dioxide, drives the changes in gas levels. The packaging limits gas exchange to a point where a stable condition is established. Tuning the packaging properties to that of the respiring product was done on the basis of extensive research. 

Magic Truffles or Sclerotium are psilocybin fungus grown underground and share the same effects/ingredients as magic mushrooms.

Classically known as “philosophers’ stones,” these hallucinogenics have been ranked as one of the safest drugs to consume, medically beneficial, and absolutely no potential for addiction.

These stones give you psychedelic experiences filled with visuals, relaxation, creative and pensive thoughts.