Service Updates

Yes, Wholecelium is still OPEN and shipping!

In these difficult times, Wholecelium is still open.  

We will continue to ship worldwide, with new delivery measures based on your area. 

Please keep on reading for Wholecelium’s Updates & New Delivery Measures.   


Most importantly,

Stay safe! 


Wholecelium Updates:
New Delivery Measures

There are a few areas around  that have been impacted by COVID-19. These areas have become red zoned by their government. If you’re living in one of these areas, we cannot send your packages, until further notice. 
Check out the red zones below if this applies to you! 
To ensure further safety and health, areas that still receive postal services will be receiving it a little differently than ‘normal.’   

Areas that can still receive packages from us

For areas that can still receive packages, then new measures have been placed to how you will receive packaged deliveries at your door: contactless delivery.  




Red Zone = suspended delivery & pickup 

We’ll still ship worldwide, except to red zones that the government has made unaccessible. 
Due to the circumstances, if you have ordered and made a transaction to Wholecelium from a red zone and were not able to receive your pacakge, we can place your order on hold for up to 1 year

Contactless Delivery

What’s Contactless Delivery? 

To maintain health regulations, contactless delivery limits face to face interactions between recipient and postal service. In many countries, you will no longer be requested to sign for your delivery or directly greet your delivery person. 
The exception are our thin-letter sized boxes, which will go into your postbox right away.      
How does Contactless Delivery look like?
  • Postal Service enters front door, and deposits the package in a secure location.
  • Postal Service signs for the package on your behalf and leave
  • Postal Service enters your front door and put a post notice in your post box.
  • Post notice will request you to pick up your delivery at a nearby postal store.
  • You will pick up with proof of ID and the post notice.

Red Zones Delivery Updates (CO-VID19)

Updated as of 27 March 2020

Red Zones = Cannot Ship 

Please keep yourself updated on your area, as these changes are happening rapidly.

 We are shipping to China Mainland, 

except we are NOT shipping to Wuhan city, China.

Saturday deliveries are suspended until further notice. 

Zip codes suspended for all pick up and deliveries:

64030 / 64031 / 64033 / 64034 / 64035
84036 / 84030 / 84035  
86016 / 86077 / 86079
87038 / 87054 / 87056 / 87060 
89064 / 89822

Zip codes suspended for all pick up and deliveries:

08700 / 08710 / 08711 / 08712 / 08788

Zip codes suspended for all pick up and deliveries:

3880000 – 3880999  
3885000 – 3885999

How can we get through this together?

Staying Inside is the Greatest Impact   
We all thought an external crisis like alien invasion is the only thing that will bring us together. But an invisible enemy from the inside is doing it! as the great Morpheus said, 
“Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony” 
So, we must all do our part to stay and trip inside. Tips for Tripping Alone 
Now is the time to catch up on sleep, books, movies, Wholecelium blogs and any other solo adventure that you’ve been craving.

On a Lighter Note,

Toilet Paper is the new Currency  

We accept all types of Toilet Paper!
how to transfer?
just flush it :toilet:
.. we’ll open the sewer to collect it
thanxx ! :hankey:


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