Magic Mushroom, Truffle & Grow-kit prices

Magic Truffles (Sclerotia)

The prices for truffles vary to a large degree based on where you choose to purchase them from (online or offline) and the quality of the product, in Europe you will find they are sold in a standardized 15g amount.

15 Grams sealed magic truffles

Here are the most popular species:


Mexicana €11 – €16 for 15g
Pajaritos €11 – €16 for 15g
Tamapanesis €13- €16 for 15g
Atlantis €13 – €16 for 15g
Utopia/Druid/Dragon €15 – € 20 for 15g
Hollandia €15 – €20 for 15g
Maakali €17 – €21 for 15g

Magic Truffle Grow kits

These are slightly harder to come by in comparison to buying a pack of truffles, with only the most popular truffles available in grow-kit form as most sellers focus on mushroom grow-kits as truffles can easily be sold. Within Europe truffle grow-kits also come standardized and yield between 50-80 grams. 

Mexicana, Hollandia, Atlantis, Tampanesis, Pajaritos, Fantasia grow-kits can be found at 

prices ranging from €19 – €42 per kit.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

As readily available as truffles in Europe, mushroom grow-kits come in a large variety of type, size and quality. The most common mycelium grow-kit you will come across though is the 1200ml variant which yields up to
300-400 grams of mushrooms.

Here are the most popular species:

Golden Teacher

All of these grow-kits are available for between €42 – €56 and it is normal to purchase a thermometer and heat-pad in conjunction with them. Larger 2100ml variants are available for most of these species, yielding up to 600g these kits go for between €76 – €80. “Beginner” versions of these kits are also available from some sellers, as small as 250ml, yielding 160g, they are sold for as little as €27.