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"Nature can never be illegal"

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Somewhere in a green fields of holland you can find our psilocybin laboratory, where we produce fresh Organic ready to eat magic truffles and the best quality magic mushroom growkits. We work closely with our friends at the lab, to give you the most potent and strong magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits.


In our webshop you can find the most wonderful psilocybin products, our little mascotte Shrooma will guide you all the way. You can just order magic mushroom growkits and magic truffles online, we ship to most countries: worldwide! Our motto for many years is of course: From the web, to your doorstep’!


From our own customized distribution center we ship 4 times a week all our psilocybin- filled packages with love, all over the globe! We ship to many remote areas as well, where most other webshops don’t ship. Our distribution team works hard and


When started in 2005, in the beginning there was only Jesse who did all, customer service, packing, however Mush-E-Mart - later Wholecelium slowly started to grow and more and more employees and freelancers got involved.

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Coming soon! We are working on much requested cool new stuff, such as stickers, fashion and and other cool merch


We are always on the top of our game, with new developments in the psilocybin world, also in online possibilities. We are very interested in psychedelic research and we keep a close eye on progress of legalization of psilocybin products all over the world. Wholecelium supports organisations that invest in towards better drug policies; policies based on scientific research, backed up by health experts, instead of fear and political lobbies.

Through the Ages - A Magic Mushroom Tale

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between 2005-'11 Wholecelium was called "Mush-e-Mart".

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