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Novo odkrita čarobna goba poimenovana po Paulu Stametsu

Paul Stamets, at this point, is THE mushroom man. A fungi expert, his maverick ways have made him first port of call when a mycological mind is called for; be it for film, TV or podcast. And now the author, educator, entrepreneur and inventor has been granted one of the biggest honors in his field. Heā€™s finally got his very own mushroom named after him. And, of course, it had to be a psychedelic one!

Psihedelična ikona: Andrew Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil je svetovno znani pionir na področju integrativne medicine, ki je s svojim vplivom in idejami pomembno zaznamoval medicinsko področje in področje dobrega počutja. Je glasen zagovornik psihedelikov in načinov njihovega nadaljnjega raziskovanja ter vključevanja v medicinsko prakso. Ker je v duhu časa vse več njegovih idej, smo menili, da je čas, da osvetlimo psihedeličnega doktorja Andrewa Weila.

Zakaj so gobe zavzele svet nege kože z viharjem

Mushrooms have been knocking around this planet for far longer than we have ā€” approximately 1.5 billion years, as a matter of fact! However, it is only relatively recently that we have really begun to unravel their mysteries, and explore the properties that can enrich our lives.

Ali lahko psilocibin zdravi kronično bolečino pri veteranih?

Almost 50% of veterans who experience combat return with chronic pain. By contrast, 26% of the general population suffers from chronic pain, making veterans nearly twice as likely to be afflicted. One survey found that around half of the veterans with chronic pain had suffered for at least a year. And of these, more than half were in pain constantly, or at least daily. Over 50% of them rated their chronic pain as severe or moderate.

Psihedelični žaromet: 50. obletnica filma Temna stran lune

Despite becoming one of the biggest bands of all time, Pink Floyd will be forever intertwined with the psychedelic subculture. Formed in London in 1965, they became one of the defining sounds of 60s and 70s psychedelia. They are cited by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as ā€œ…the architects of two major music movements ā€“ psychedelic space-rock and blues-based progressive rockā€ Not bad, not bad indeed…

ī¤“ī¤“ī¤“ī¤“ī¤“ 4.5/5